Optimizing the customer experience with Computer Vision


Trison is a company that designs showcase areas and stores for different centers and brands of Spanish multinational textile manufacturing and distribution companies.

Client: Trison

Year: 2023

Services: AI

Technologies: Computer Vision, Power BI

End-to-End Customer Analytics: Exploring In-Store Dynamics to Optimize the Experience

The client was faced with the need to better understand the dynamics within its stores and the behavior of its customers, including the number of people entering and moving within the stores, the time customers spend in different areas, as well as demographic characteristics of visitors.

Case Study Trison
An advanced system combining surveillance cameras with Intel's machine vision models was implemented.

This technology allows detailed tracking of the movement of people within the store, identifying demographic characteristics such as gender and age, and analyzing specific objects, such as the markings on customers’ bags.

In order to transform this complex data into accessible and manageable information, a dashboard was developed in PowerBI.

This tool visualizes the key data collected, thus facilitating analysis and decision making based on real data.

Real-time insights for enhanced shopping experience and competitive strategies

The implementation of this system has provided the client with a deep and detailed understanding of the behavior and characteristics of its store visitors.

With access to real-time visual and numerical information, the client can now make informed decisions to improve the shopping experience, adjust store layout according to areas of greatest interest or dwell time, and develop more effective marketing strategies targeted to specific customer segments.

In addition, the ability to detect competing products among visitors’ bags offers a unique strategic advantage, allowing the client to tailor its offers and promotional strategies to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

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