Tourism Innovation in Qatar: Transforming the Visitor Experience with Mixed Reality


One of it’s primary goals of Qatar Tourism Authority (QA) is to enhance Qatar's reputation as a world-class tourist destination, attract visitors from around the globe, and showcase the country's rich cultural heritage and modern amenities.

Client:Microsoft & Visit Qatar

Year: 2023

Services:  XR

Technologies: HoloLens 2

End-to-End Customer Analytics: Exploring In-Store Dynamics to Optimize the Experience

The main challenge for the Qatar Tourism Authority (QA) was to enhance the global perception of Qatar as an international tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world and highlighting its rich culture and futuristic appeal.

Particularly during large-scale events such as Formula 1 or the Geneva Motor Show, it was critical to interact with attendees to leave a lasting impression that would motivate them to discover more of what Qatar has to offer.

Through Mixed Reality we were able to offer a complete guide and a total immersion in the subject of Qatar Tourism.

Bravent developed an application for HoloLens that revolutionizes the user experience through mixed reality by means of a minimalist interface design, offering a complete guide and total immersion in the Qatar Tourism theme.

This application starts by offering the user virtual multimedia content about the event’s booth that includes the history of the Geneva Motor Show, F1 races and highlights of these events.

It highlights the interaction with a life-size virtual model of an F1 car, which users can manipulate in their physical environment, access its most important information and offers a unique virtual driving experience through an Xbox controller, being able to compete with other users and increasing the engagement of attendees.

HoloLens app not only differentiates Qatar from other destinations, but also strengthens long-term relationships with tourists

The implementation of this technology solution has had a significant impact on the way visitors experience events in Qatar, promoting repeat visits and helping to solidify Qatar’s position as a preferred tourist destination for future travel.

The memorable and personalized experience offered by the HoloLens app developed by Bravent, using augmented reality, not only differentiates Qatar from other destinations, but also strengthens long-term relationships with tourists, encouraging them to explore and discover more of what Qatar has to offer.

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