Industrial Vision Solution


In the John Deere tractor assembly process, there is a very extensive and complex manual assembly line with many parts that must be placed in a certain way and in a specific order.

Client: John Deere

Date: 2022

Services: Industrial Vision Solutions

Technologies: Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Computer Vision, Azure IoT

The challenge
To reduce the number of human errors in the assembly processes of your tractors, ensuring the quality of the product result.

The project consisted of automating and optimizing the work performed on John Deere’s production line.

Given the size of the manual assembly line required for the production of certain parts, it was necessary to automate it and ensure production quality.

John Deere’s main objective was to eliminate human error on the assembly line and ensure the quality of the output.

To provide accurate information on any value that falls outside the parameters set by the group, allowing quick, automated and safe action to be taken when necessary.

The Solution
Industrial Vision Solution

Industrial Vision Solution is a focused technology solution developed with Artificial Vision, which provides automatic image-based inspection and analysis.

In this case, Industrial Vision Solution is applied for automatic inspections of John Deere’s assembly process.

With the help of Machine Learning and DeepLearning algorithms, John Deere has been able to analyze visual images and extract information to make further decisions.

Our solution has helped John Deere to go a step further in their assembly line and detect possible errors. Thanks to this they have the certainty that their business will always have the necessary quality so that the assembly process is not affected.

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