AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors


A Spanish company dedicated to the production of transportation infrastructures at a global level, it maintains a firm commitment to the development of sustainable solutions.

Client: Ferrovial

Date: 2022/2023

Services: AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors

Technologies:  Azure IoT and5G Architecture

The challenge
To focus its growth on the development of sustainable infrastructures with high concession value projects.

The project consisted of developing 5G smart roads and advanced monitoring, sensing and simulation technology.

Generating alerts, in real time, that all AIVIA users will receive.

In this way, it warns of dangers and reduces or increases speed limits depending on the state of the road.

Ferrovial seeks to ensure that mixed traffic can coexist on its roads.

The Solution
Azure IoT architecture and 5G

This solution enables connectivity between all vehicles, digital and physical infrastructure and road safety systems.

In addition, with 5G, this communication between participants is achieved, favoring telecommunications equipment.

In the same way, Aritificial Intelligence learns from the behavior of users and roads.

Finally, with all the data, Ferrovial will be able to manage all the information obtained every second.

As a result, roads will be more sustainable, safer and faster.

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