IoT Alert System (SAM)


“Having such a large fleet, it is essential to have technology to be able to control it, the sensors on the semi-trailers help us to act proactively, alerting the interested parties, in case we read any data that is not as expected” Julio López Orellana, CTO at Grupo Mazo

Client: Grupo Mazo

Data: Octubre 2022

Services: Sistema de alertas en IoT (SAM) 

Technologies: IoT Hub, IoT Device, IoT Edge, Azure Event Hub, Azure SQL Database, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Blog Storage, Power, BI, Power Automate

The challenge
To have an end-to-end solution that allows obtaining accurate, near-real time information to be able to react quickly and securely to different business situations.

The project consisted of implementing services and functions for extracting information from IoT providers, processing that data and then notifying the people involved in the process.

All in real time.

Grupo Mazo’s main objective was to ensure the cold chain for all its customers.

To provide accurate information of any value that falls outside the parameters established by the group, allowing to act quickly, automated and securely when necessary.

The Solution
Arquitectura Azure IoT

IoT Architecture Azure is an IoT solution based on the information generated by the sensors carried by the trucks and refrigeration equipment.

Through its transactional systems, this data is enriched by the information of the business itself, making it possible to create a series of alerts, identifying and responding to them as quickly as possible.

All these alerts and key indicators for Grupo Mazo’s business are visualized in the Power BI Business Intelligence tool.

Our solution has allowed Grupo Mazo, and all its clients, to have automated communication flows through various channels, allowing them to act before the cold chain can be broken.






Increased engagement


Operational efficiency

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