Industrial Vision Solution

Automating Manufacturing Processes and Optimizing Quality Assurance

Manufacturers today find themselves navigating a difficult landscape, contending with rising production costs, shipping and supply chain complexities, and rapidly changing customer expectations. Machinery downtime and delayed operations on the factory floor can significantly impact a manufacturer’s bottom line. These challenges underscore the need for a delicate balance between maintaining quality standards and maximizing efficiency.

Outdated methods compound modern manufacturing challenges

Poor product quality
Production inefficiency
Worker safety risks

To remain competitive in today’s commercial market, it is vital that businesses modernize their quality assurance processes to maintain high production output and optimize the performance and safety of in-line personnel.

Discover our Bravent's Industrial Vision Solution

Enter Bravent’s Industrial Vision Solution, a comprehensive industry solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing. IT consultancy Bravent developed an agile, scalable AI-based computer vision solution to correct the frequency of human error in machinery assemblies.

Optimize production output with an AI-Powered quality inspection system

Initial reduction of 8% in processing times

70-80% reduction in errors and assembly failures, which are not transferred, moreover, to the end customer

98% reduction in model training time

30% reduction in image tagging time

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Customer Success Story: John Deere Tractor Assembly Process

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