A team that is responsible

For the community, economy and environment

Every company has a duty towards society that goes beyond obeying the law and making a profit. Our aim in this case is to look after the interests of all our stakeholders.

The foundations of Bravent’s corporate social responsibility are its ethical stance, transparency, rendering of accounts, respect for the rule of law, human rights and internationally recognised codes of behaviour.

As part of our CSR policy, we have defined the following areas:

The environment

We encourage and guide our employees towards sustainability in our day-to-day activities.

  • Most of the materials we use are recycled or eco-friendly.
  • We have recycling containers in our facilities and our employees are committed to using them correctly.
  • Energy savings: Our whole team is involved in making sure we save energy and use it as efficiently as possible. We administer our energy resources sparingly and with care, reducing all use as much as we can and wherever we can: We make the most of our natural light, all the bulbs and lights we use are LED and halogen. All of our domestic appliances are A+. We have arranged our consumption schedules so that we can stop consuming electricity except by manual override, ensuring that we do not leave idle systems running.
  • Fuel savings by offering the option to work from home, which helps to reduce environmental pollutants.

Technology Sector

  • One of our main areas of activism is gender equality in the technology sector. We are using our networks to support and work with all actions carried out by companies such as Girls in Tech
  • We are also keen to promote young talent, because young people have grown up in a digital environment and possess tech skills which are inherent to the people in their generation. We are working with universities and training centres to nurture, motivate and advise young people on what the market is like and the different skills it is demanding. We support and collaborate in actions like those carried out by CoderDojo

Human resources management

We aim to offer our workers any activities that they may be interested in and to help them have a better quality of working life, adopting several measures:

  • Lifelong learning through our crowdlearning system, a way of ensuring that training reaches all our company employees by using systems such as:
    • Webinars
    • Moocs
    • Video Shorts
    • Bootcamp and company training courses
  • Professional and personal life: Among the changes to the organization and expansion of the group, we decided to start the process of increasing measures to accommodate our working life to our organizational philosophy, based on technological development and adapting our jobs to the needs of our employees.
    Once of the most important measures that relies on new technology and the redistribution of workplaces is the introduction of working from home.
    This will allow us to manage our family life better, improve our health, enable us to manage our time better and raise productivity, lower costs and ensure greater commitment.
    Employees can work from home for between 1 and 3 days. Those people whose particular responsibilities at work or geographical location make it difficult for them to come into the office will spend most of their time at work at home.
    Conciliation measures implemented:

    • Flexible timetable
    • Days off
    • Compensation in hours
    • Distribution of jobs 
  • Equal pay and professional development: Our remuneration plan is based on equal terms for all categories and functions, so that all the people in the organization are treated equally. Our career plans are based on global capacities and individual goals that are always in harmony with the definition of our professional profiles.
  • Equal opportunities: We do not apply any discrimination by age or sex when recruiting new employees to our company, and we aim to increase the number of women working in this sector as a way to overcome the gender gap.

Human rights

  • We observe a code of ethics that guarantees people’s fundamental rights, aligned with a positive and constructive appreciation of diversity.
  • We have a mechanism to prevent harassment and ensure equality and the adoption of positive measures
  • We also do our bit by providing support for associations such as Fundación Theodora
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