Mixed Reality


In the Nueva Pescanova Group, line professionals play a key role in the companies, since they are the ones who work with the final product that reaches customers and consumers

Client: Nueva Pescanova Group

Date: 2022

Services: Mixed Reality

Technologies:   Dynamics Remote Assist, Mixed Reality with HoloLens 2

The challenge
Empower teams through advanced technological tools to provide them with access to the company's knowledge, from anywhere.

The project consisted of providing line workers with innovative technologies that facilitate remote interconnection, providing them with information in a visual form, but at the same time not hindering their own tasks.

The main objective of the Nueva Pescanova Group was for all teams to have access to the company’s information in real time, no matter where they were located.

The Solution
Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality has allowed the Nueva Pescanova Group to offer its workers the possibility of carrying out technical assistance services for production equipment in a faster and equally effective way, through real-time calls, thus contributing to reducing costs and increasing their productivity and efficiency in problem solving.

In addition, it has enabled them to:

  • Share critical information, in real time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Attach videos, manuals, images and annotations to a Teams call, optimizing the speed and quality of remote collaboration.
  • Exploit all these communications with the Microsoft Teams tool.
  • Place virtually in real space documents, images, diagrams or diagrams that represent a qualitative leap for the operability and productivity.
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