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“It's an exciting game, I recommend everyone to play this game. It takes a bit of effort, but it's worth it in the end. I've been running from one side of the mall to the other, which is amazing” Treasure Hunts participant from Qatar 2022.

Client: Ooredoo

Date: Octubre 2022

Services: App and webside development

Tecnologías: Augmnted Reality in Azure

The challenge
To develop an interactive game, accessible through a mobile application or website, that would allow players to interact with the environment and with each other, competing.

The project consisted of creating an Augmented Reality development, so that Ooredoo’s customers, enrolled in its loyalty program, could participate.

Ooredoo was trying to get more customers enrolled in this program and generate more engagement among those who were already loyal.

Ooredoo’s main objective was to safeguard the data of all participants by identifying who was participating in the game.

In addition, it was necessary that users did not have to download an application in order to play. At the same time, they had to see certain virtual elements (flags among other things) in a selected physical space.

The Solution
Augmented Reality in Azure

Augmented Reality supported in Azure. In this way, users could go through the space chosen by Ooredoo (in this case a shopping mall) and be directed to different points of it through their mobile, just by logging in.

The user could play, with the same usability, either through the app or through the web.

Thanks to Augmented Reality they could see virtual elements in a real space. Creating, in this way, a competition in a physical space, which would be walked through by all participants.

In addition to ensuring the privacy of its participants, Ooredoo was able to find out which of its clients participated, what they knew about them, and whether they preferred vouchers or noojom points to exchange for branded products.

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