Aviation Group addresses innovation in aerospace training with HoloLens 2 and BlueWings XR


Aviation Group is a comprehensive aeronautical training company, which is positioning itself as one of the reference centers in the sector in Spain and Latin America.

Client: Aviation Group

Industry: Aerospace

Solution: Mixed Relity

Technologies: Dynamics Guides, BlueWings XR, HoloLens 2, PowerBI

Bravent develops BlueWings XR project for Aviation Group
The challenge
Improve the quality of teaching, provide practices with a better understanding of concepts and a higher rate of knowledge retention.

One of the most pressing problems in the aviation industry is the lack of mechanics with the qualifications required by the regulations of international aviation safety agencies.

That is why Aviation Group is looking for innovation as a way to enhance the quality of its teaching and promote the recruitment of new students.

Bravent develops BlueWings XR project for Aviation Group
The Solution
Integrate HoloLens 2 with the Dynamics Guides platform, complemented by BlueWings XR, into the practical training process.

Aviation Group has chosen to integrate Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality glasses with the Dynamics Guides platform into its practical training processes in order to optimize them.

As a highly regulated industry, a multitude of records are required, both of training and of work performed on aircraft.

In order to meet these requirements, Dynamics Guides has been complemented with BlueWings XR, the canvas application, developed ad hoc by Bravent, whose interactivity allows the mechanic to record various results of the execution of his work and register them in Dataverse, linked to the guides generated in Dynamics Guides.

In this way, the exploitation of this data can be done through data connections with the logistics management platforms of each company, or Power BI dashboards.

The application also allows marking the correct values that the recorded data should present, so that it autocorrects the practices performed, reducing the workload of the instructors.

The use of both platforms, both in aeronautical training centers and aircraft maintenance centers, makes it possible for Aviation Group’s specialized personnel to easily create work guides where all their experience and knowledge can be used.

These guides facilitate the execution of practical training sessions by integrating photos, videos, excerpts from technical manuals and providing the student with 3D holographic models of the various aeronautical components on which they are working.

Leading innovation in aerospace education, offering more efficient and engaging learning experiences for students.
  • It provides learners with an immersive learning experience that reduces training times by up to 60%.
  • The integration of Dynamics 365 with BlueWings XR has reduced administrative times by 48%, allowing the center to meet a greater demand for training, increasing the number of students per group of internships by 30% and the number of new enrollments by 24%.
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