Generative AI Chatbot for customer services


Iberdrola Middle East is a subsidiary of Iberdrola, one of the world's largest energy companies, dedicated to the generation, distribution and marketing of electricity. It focuses on renewable energy projects and sustainable solutions.

Client: Iberdrola Middle East

Year: 2024

Services: AI Chatbot

Technologies: OpenAI GPT, Azure Cognitive Search, Machine Learning

Generative AI chatbot adapted to customer services in two different scenarios.

The primary challenge in this project is developing in collaboration with Iberdrola Innovation Middle East a Generative AI Chatbot tailored for Customer Services serving Iberdrola clients.

The Chatbot needs to provide personalized recommendations based on the user’s profile, requiring the analysis of extensive datasets to deliver accurate and helpful suggestions.

This endeavor involves overcoming technical complexities in understanding diverse customer needs, integrating with existing databases, and training machine learning models to support nuanced interactions that can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.

A sophisticated linguistic model capable of interpreting large volumes of data and providing personalized advice.

To address this challenge, a customer service solution was created utilizing GPT, a sophisticated language model capable of interpreting large volumes of data and offering customized advice. The solution encompasses several steps:

  1. Identification and Profile Creation: Upon a user’s connection, the system will identify them within the customer database to ascertain their profile, leveraging stored data to craft a comprehensive user persona.
  2. Smart Solutions Recommendation: Based on the generated profile and utilizing GPT for natural language interactions, the chatbot will recommend smart solutions tailored to the user’s specific needs and consumption patterns.
  1. Technical Implementation: This involves applying OpenAI’s GPT model for conversation generation, vectorization of user-associated documents via Azure Cognitive Search, and the development and deployment of a machine learning model to create accurate user profiles.
  2. Integration with Iberdrola’s Resources: To ensure the recommendations are practical and relevant, the system will integrate with data, metrics, recommendations, and assets provided by Iberdrola, aiming to present users with actionable Next Best Actions (NBA).
Improved Customer Satisfaction and Reduced Energy Costs

Implementing this AI-driven customer service solution presents multiple benefits:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By providing personalized recommendations, customers enjoy a tailored service experience that meets their specific needs, boosting their overall satisfaction.

– Energy and Cost Reduction: With smart suggestions aimed at reducing energy consumption, users can achieve significant savings on their energy bills, contributing to both economic and environmental well-being.

Efficient Customer Interaction: Leveraging GPT for natural language processing enables smooth and intuitive conversations, improving user engagement and facilitating the delivery of relevant information.

Data-Driven Insights: The use of advanced analytics and machine learning models not only aids in understanding customer profiles but also in identifying trends and opportunities for further optimization of services and resources.

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