The metaverse is a set of persistent virtual worlds, where we can interact with other users, including other companies in the metaverse through avatars.

Thanks to this technology we can share the same space with other users from anywhere in the world, allowing social and work relationships without physical borders, as in the case of companies in the metaverse that seek to interact in an immediate and innovative way to offer a better experience and service to their customers.

Metaverse Architecture.|

We provide virtual spaces of any scope to take companies to the metaverse. We take care of everything, from its creation and design to its implementation and management.

We create the best design of space adapted to the needs of the companies in the metaverse.

We design general and specific 3D models of the environment, ideal for companies investing in the metaverse.

We implement all the necessary elements to shape the virtual world of companies in the metaverse.

We provide support for the management of spaces and events in the metaverse for companies of any sector.

We provide the necessary training for the creation and management of worlds and events in the metaverse.

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What types of Metaverses do we create?


You will be able to have an effective and continuous visibility of your whole production line with scale models. In addition, you will see simulations and data of your business. We build your Digital Twin in immersive spaces to carry out training, simulation, maintenance, operation, and optimization of your business.


You will boost agile and efficient work, not just with your entire team, but also with you clients and suppliers, regardless of their location. Your presence in the Metaverse will increase your physical presence. In addition, you will interact with your own avatar with Microsoft Mesh for Teams.


You will hold events, concerts and master classes worldwide, in addition to all kinds of high-performance sports.

Create your own space in the Metaverse

Your production chain

Get ahead of the future by creating prototypes of your new products. Create dashboards and control the IoT with information from different geographies in the Metaverse. Thanks to Digital Twins, you will manage all the links from the production chain that affect your Digital Twin.

Conference room

Co-create, make decisions and allow your team to experience immersive interconnectedness.

Concert hall

Make everyone who shares your experience vibrate at the same time.


Bravent’s Metaverse Offices

Office Area

Bravent’s office in the Metaverse has a meeting area where the whole team can meet, interact and socialize. There is also a meeting room with a boardroom table and a screen to show presentations or even have a Microsoft Teams call with people from other companies in the metaverse or outside the metaverse environment.


The auditorium area of the Bravent’s offices in the Metaverse has ample seating and a podium with a large screen. Here presenters, whether from the Bravent team or from other companies in the Metaverse, can step up to the podium to make their presentation to the audience. A large-screen TV shows the main presentation, which can even show the preparation for the event.

AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors by FERROVIAL

We develop, for Ferrovial, 5G smart roads and advanced monitoring, sensing and simulation technology.

We generate real-time alerts that all AIVIA users will receive.

In this way, they are alerted of dangers, and speed limits are reduced or increased depending on the state of the road.

We help Ferrovial to achieve its goal of allowing its roads to coexist with mixed traffic.

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