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Business data represents one of the most fundamental parts of any enterprise.

Data-centric solutions and artificial intelligence

Every organization has processes that can be rapidly improved through a Data Analytics strategy and data sharing, centralized data, and AI solutions implemented, where necessary, either to automate routine tasks or to improve a key business process to generate a competitive advantage.

Adopting solutions based on Data Analytics or centralized data and the use of AI helps organizations respond to increasing cost pressures and gain a significant advantage over their competition.

Turn your company's data management with Microsoft Fabric.

From Bravent, we help you equip yourself with everything you need to start and advance in the world of data processing, using Microsoft Fabric, the next generation platform for data engineering.

Microsoft Fabric
Two ways to respond to the challenge of implementing Data Analytics-centric solutions
Two ways to respond to the challenge of implementing Data Analytics-centric solutions


Not all Data Analytics solutions and AI applications involve revolutionary changes.

.| Using AI to improve or automate processes is essential to be competitive.

.| Simple data analytics to achieve quick wins and respond to both cost pressures and market opportunities.


Customized solutions address the biggest challenges and opportunities.

.| Create a path for future transformation

.| Help create new revenue streams or business models, thanks to the knowledge that only the organization has of its data

Data & AI Challenges .|

Providing more security thanks to greater control in the conservation chain, online services, production environments..

Automating tasks for time reduction in the production and supply chain.

We take care of data management and exploitation with our team specialized in cloud deployments. We analyze and design the optimal infrastructure customized for each client, which facilitates the entire process of ingesting and exploiting their data.

We perform audits of the current infrastructure of our customers, to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Our developments with Data Analytics are focused on adequate data governance, regardless of whether they come from a single source or from several clouds, through a unified service. This service also allows the optimization of consumption costs in the cloud where they are hosted.

For the data to provide the maximum value to the company, we are oriented to its exploitation, either through visual presentations in dashboards or through historical analysis using AI models (visit our solutions in this area).

Bravent helps you manage and exploit your data.|

.| Analysis and design of optimal infrastructure for the entire data ingestion and exploitation process.

.| Data governance of different Clouds from a single unified service.

.| Guidance for historical data exploitation through AI tools.

.| Cost optimization and governance of data Cloud services.

.| Certified specialists apply maximum security to your infrastructure in terms of data protection.

.| Migrations from On-Premise data infrastructures to Cloud or hybrid infrastructures.

.| Consulting and auditing of your current data Cloud infrastructure.

Data & AI Solutions .|

Modern data warehousing solution, which allows you to easily gather all types of data and obtain detailed information through analysis dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analysis for all your users.

It allows you to adopt and become familiar with cloud services for centralized data management, and thus have a more advanced level of analysis of the company’s data with Data Analytics.

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