Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT devices or Internet of things are the components that make it possible to “sensor” real-world objects.

With this technology it is possible to collect and exchange valuable or business data with other systems for subsequent analysis. Thanks to the implementation of these technologies, there are concepts such as “Smart Industries” or “Smart Cities”.

Data processing and analysis with the Internet of things

Centralized data processing consists of ingesting, storing and calculating the information received.

This processing allows the generation of predictive models through artificial intelligence, aggregate information for dashboards, etc.

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.| Machinery Operation​
.| Environmental Information
.| Presence control


.| Machine Operating and Maintenance Parameters
.| Environmental information​
.| Presence control
.| Generation and distribution parameters

Smart Cities

.| Waste container filling status
.| Capacity and traffic controls
.| Usage data of public services (transport, etc.)
.| Environmental data


.| Location of containers or loads
.| Container or load environmental conditions
.| Speeds​
.| Impacts​​

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We help you to implement IoT solutions .|

Identification of business processes that can benefit from this technology

Deployment and configuration of IoT and IoT Edge devices

Development and deployment of IoT device workloads

Integration with other technologies (Artificial Intelligence Models, Big Data, BI, etc.)

Identification of business processes that could benefit from this technology

IoT Edge devices​

On Premise processing in IoT devices

Traditional IoT devices are responsible of capturing sensor signals and emitting them to other systems for centralized processing.​

They allow data processing to be performed on the device itself, covering use cases where the sensitivity of the information requires it to be processed on the local infrastructure without traveling over the Internet.

On Premise Processing

On premise processing allows data to be processed on the device itself, applying the same processes that could be performed in a centralized system.

The artificial intelligence models, aggregation or anonymization of the information will be performed locally, and it is only necessary to transmit the information that needs to be stored centrally.

IoT Edge applied

Video analysis

Application of artificial intelligence processes to video images:

.I Hot spots
.I Facial recognition
.I Defect identification
.I Motion control


Sensitive information

Processing of sensitive information on the device itself

.I Health data
.I Defense sector

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