The disruptive technology that will transform entire industries

Blockchains allow to perform and store transactions in a distributed, secure, and synchronized way, this is ideal for companies using blockchain.

Due to the fundamental design of these chains, all transactions are public and a confirmed transaction is impossible to modify, this offers companies total security at the time of any operation.

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The Ethereum blockchain network was conceived as a general-purpose network, which allows deploying Dapps (Distributed Apps) and DeFI (Decentralized Finance) based on Smart Contracts with 100% guaranteed availability.

These applications can be multipurpose, having as application areas as differentiated as the logistics, financial, insurance, or video games sectors.

How do Dapps help you? .|

Dapps may look like normal applications, but they have a number of special qualities inherited from Ethereum’s features.

No owners and no censorship


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Blockchain in the Industry 4.0
Some use cases beyond traceability.|

The use of Dapps under blockchain networks such as Ethereum allows the following use cases:

Creation of your own cryptocurrency (token or cryptocurrency).
Creation and trading of NFTs
Video games
Data recording and storage
Voting systems
Issuance and digitalization of certificates
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