Want to know how to set up your Microsoft 365 environment to start using Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot Implementation Service

Achieve a successful Microsoft 365 Copilot Deployment

Microsoft 365 Copilot starts a revolution in our work, integrating artificial intelligence to achieve a remarkable improvement in productivity and unprecedented scalability for organizations.

Bravent facilitates an efficient transition to Microsoft 365 Copilot by implementing sturdy strategies and reinforcing security. Expert support ensures a smooth and customized implementation.

Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Copilot Adoption and Governance

Start using Copilot in an intelligent way, the application of the future that is already present.

Improve your team’s productivity by implementing secure strategies to protect your data thanks to a successful implementation of Microsoft 365 Copilot with Bravent.

We help you adopt Microsoft Copilot 365, we analyze and prepare your environment to take full advantage of its capabilities.

We assess which one is best suited to your company!


We analyze your environment, help you with the implementation and adoption of the first licenses.



Microsoft 365 Governance and Adoption Service to get started with Copilot



Unified Data Governance. Security and Advanced Microsoft Copilot 365 consulting and implementation.



Consulting and CUSTOM implementation of Microsoft Copilot 365


We assess which one best suits your company!

We find out what it takes to get started with Microsoft Copilot 365 adoption.

If you’re taking your first steps into the world of Copilot 365 or don’t have an IT department, this option is for you. Designed for organizations that want to explore the possibilities of Copilot, offering a solid starting point without the need for an IT team.

Governance service and workshops

Designed for companies that have already taken the first step with Microsoft Copilot 365: you have at least a license and basic knowledge of the solution but need expert guidance to maximize its potential.
basic knowledge of the solution but need expert guidance to maximize its potential.
This level offers specialized advice to take full advantage of Copilot 365’s capabilities, focusing on optimizing your investment and improving the efficiency of your operations.

Consulting and implementation of Microsoft Copilot 365

Designed for consolidated companies with several headquarters, national or multinational that are looking for a large implementation of
of Copilot 365. If your organization has complex business processes and consider security a critical aspect with this package we offer a comprehensive solution ensuring a secure implementation.

Consulting, implementation, deployment and adoption of Microsoft Copilot 365

If you are looking for a Copilot 365 adoption and implementation designed exclusively for your organization, with personalized support and advice at every step of the process, this package is designed to offer maximum attention and a tailored service that covers all your needs and objectivesIf you are looking for a Copilot 365 adoption and implementation designed exclusively for your organization, with personalized support and advice at every step of the process, this package is designed to offer maximum attention and a tailored service that covers all your needs and objectives.

Microsoft Copilot

Maximize productivity and security with M365 Copilot

Descubre cómo Microsoft 365 Copilot puede revolucionar tu entorno laboral.

¡Contáctanos hoy y evaluemos juntos la preparación de tu espacio de trabajo para esta innovadora herramienta de productividad!​

Overcoming challenges in the implementation of Copilot 365!

When implementing Copilot for 365 in an organization, we face several key challenges

Cultural change:
It is necessary to drive a transformation in the organizational culture towards the adoption of digital tools and collaboration.

Motivate and train users to fully utilize Copilot’s functionalities, focusing on productivity goals.

Ensure that the implementation of Microsoft 365 Copilot aligns with relevant legal and security regulations.

Accessible and Secure Information:
Keeping information up to date and accessible is necessary to improve the accuracy of data required by users.

Measuring results:
Evaluate the level of Copilot usage and ROI to determine the success of your implementation.

How can we help you prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot?​

Discover our Copilot 365 implementation service

Detailed consulting to define a strategy for governance, support, adoption and deployment, ensuring success and satisfaction in the project.

Performing a comprehensive analysis of the current 365 tenant to understand the technical and business context, establishing key policies and guidelines.

Consulting objectives:

  • Optimize the use of applications, avoiding redundancies and maximizing resources.
  • Define clear criteria for the selection and implementation of solutions, aligned with business objectives.
  • Promote collaboration and innovation, taking advantage of the integration of communication tools.
  • Reinforce security and regulatory compliance, establishing clear policies for data access and management.
  • Implement a monitoring and continuous improvement framework to adapt to technological and organizational changes.

Security and management of identities, devices and corporate data will be reinforced, complying with regulations and optimizing resources.

  • Identities and access: We will strengthen the security of user identities through conditional access, ensuring that access to data and applications is only allowed according to specific needs and permissions.
  • Device management: We will implement policies to protect corporate data, regardless of the device used, whether corporate or personal (BYOD). These policies will ensure compliance with corporate and industry regulations.
  • Data classification: We will establish processes to identify, label and protect sensitive data, taking into account its level of confidentiality and risk. This ensures the proper management of information in the cloud, especially internal, confidential or private information.
  • Document lifecycle: We will define labels and directives that help comply with legal and business regulations, ensuring that obsolete information is disposed of in a controlled and automated manner, preventing unauthorized access and optimizing tenant space.

Deployment in three phases, starting with the IT team, followed by the representatives of the main business units until the final implementation.

Bravent will guide and facilitate effective communication during each stage of the deployment, ensuring clarity and ongoing support for all users.

Benefits of phased deployment:

  • Risk minimization: By implementing in phases, we identify and mitigate potential issues early and effectively.
  • Time for continuous improvement: Each phase gives us the opportunity to make adjustments to refine the implementation.

We facilitate a gradual adaptation period for users, improving the overall experience and acceptance of the tool.

We ensure that all Copilot capabilities are optimally utilized and measure the effectiveness of adoption and the impact on productivity.

  • Key users as pioneers: We identify leaders within the organization who will be the pillars of the adoption process, facilitating the integration of Copilot into daily routines and promoting its effective use.
  • Workshops: We organize interactive sessions where key users discover how to maximize Copilot’s functionalities through case studies, recommendations and best practices.
  • Ongoing support with video pills: We complement training with short instructional videos that reinforce learning and facilitate quick reference of features and tips.
  • Evaluation and monitoring: We implement a monitoring system based on specific metrics and dashboards, such as the Copilot Dashboard, to measure the effectiveness of adoption and the impact on productivity.
  • Continuous feedback: We conduct periodic surveys to measure satisfaction, ease of use and perceived productivity improvement, adjusting our strategies as needed.

Maximize Productivity with Microsoft 365 Copilot


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Key benefits of deploying and adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot

Optimizing Productivity

Maximizing Copilot’s capabilities

Cost efficiency

Compliance with security regulations

Continuous learning and adaptation

Bravent’s commitment

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