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What is Digital Revolution in Real Estate? .|

At Bravent, we offer innovative consulting solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. With a forward-looking approach, we use the most advanced tools to design and develop disruptive, custom solutions.

Thanks to our solutions and expertise, we are able to modernize and optimize the way real estate companies, developers and relocation companies present and market properties.

Through virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we can redefine the experience of buying, selling and renting real estate.

Challenges of Real Estate in the digital era .|

Remote presence of customers and investors, which complicates the selling or renting process

A saturated market makes it difficult to stand out

Effectively showcase properties before families move to their new cities

Clients often fail to visualize a property’s potential without proper presentation

Solutions in Marketing and Sales .|

AI content generation

Personalization of offers
 and content

Automatic creation
 of descriptions

Social Media
 sentiment analysis

Generation of property images tailored to each client’s profile

AI-driven lead generation

Creating personalized videos
 that help close sales

Digital home staging

Solutions for effective property management

Property management

.| By analyzing data from sensors and IoT devices within a property, AI algorithms can anticipate when a system is likely to fail or when maintenance is needed. This predictive capability enables preventative interventions before problems escalate, reducing downtime and avoiding costly emergency repairs.

.| Automation of response times and constant 24/7 support, resulting in improved tenant satisfaction and engagement thanks to state- of-the-art intelligent assistants.

Energy management and sustainability

.| Optimization of energy management by leveraging data analytics to optimize energy use across all properties.

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Solutions for data processing and information extraction

Contract generation and risk analysis

Contract generation can be automated to adapt to the specific needs of each transaction, ensuring compliance and consistency or for risk analysis to identify high-risk clauses and suggest modifications.

Due Diligences

During this process, AI can quickly analyze large volumes of documents to validate the veracity and completeness of property information, identify discrepancies or potential problems and provide an accessible summary of the findings.

Document information extraction

Generative AI facilitates the extraction of key data from real estate documents such as property deeds, lease agreements and planning documents avoiding errors and reducing effort.

Knowledge of the property, area and other relevant elements

Using a wizard it is easy to provide the agent with all relevant information for the buyer or the buying/selling process.

Visualization solutions for properties and their environments .|

Detailed and realistic virtual tours with Virtual Reality

Show redesigned spaces with Augmented Reality

Selling Real Estate projects with Augmented Reality

Visualization of BIM models with Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality

Benefits of technological solutions

Greater Reach and Accessibility

.| Present properties to a wider audience, including international clients, without the need for travel.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction in Home Staging

.| We offer virtual staging solutions that save time and resources, allowing a better visualization of the potential of properties.

More Effective Marketing

.| Our presentations are designed to attract and convince, increasing interest and sales or rental conversions.

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