Bravent SmartDoc for logistic

Transform Documents into Data with Bravent SmartDoc

Smart Data Extraction of logistic Documents

Are you overwhelmed by the number of documents your logistics company handles on a daily basis? Each delivery generates endless paperwork: from arrival notices, tariffs, delivery notes or bank statements, and in a variety of formats. Manual entry of this data is tedious and costly, and can lead to human error. What if you could automate it all?

Accelerate Your Document Management with Bravent SmartDoc

Bravent SmartDoc, forget about manual entry. Our solution allows you to scan or take a photo of your documents and let AI do the rest. It automatically selects the relevant information and enters it into your system automatically, saving you time and money.


Data Accuracy ensured


Cost reduction vs Manual data entry


Decrease of human errors

What makes Bravent SmartDoc unique?

The key to our difference is innovation and adaptability to any change. We use advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and generative AI techniques, allowing Bravent SmartDoc to adapt and process documents regardless of variations in their format.

With us, every document is readable and manageable, regardless of its layout or structure.

|. Bills of Lading
|. Certificates of Origin
|. Data Sheets
|. Arrival Notices
|. Commercial Invoices
|. Packing Lists
|. PGA Documents
|. Bank Statements
|. Checks
|. Wire Transfers
|. Payables
|. Compliance Forms

Integrate Bravent SmartDoc With major Transportation management systems (TMS ) to Automate Your Freight Processes.

Automate your data entry with Bravent SmartDoc and reduce costs.

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