Extended Realities

Extended Realities.|

Our XR solutions are focused on automating and optimizing processes in any type of industry and business need.

Extended Reality technology makes all kinds of solutions and experiences possible. From adding visual information to a real space and generating shared experiences, to the creation of digital twins.

Extended Realities.|

Augmented Reality
We develop immersive experiences available to everyone for mobile devices. We have designed Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence experiences for different types of industries, using ARCore and AR Kit.

Mixed Reality
We implement mixed reality solutions for different sectors such as the industrial or logistics sector. Thanks to HoloLens, we develop customized solutions to improve production chains and generate shared remote experiences.

Virtual Reality
Through Virtual Reality glasses, we can create completely virtual environments generated by 3D elements and without limit, applicable to all types of environments such as educational or industrial.

Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2 .|

HoloLens 2 is the device offered by Microsoft to apply Mixed Reality.

It is an untethered mixed reality device that is designed to help you solve real problems in today’s businesses, using smart, innovative and sustainable applications and solutions.

Business problems can be solved with Mixed Reality..|

Remote Assistance

Empower employees to work together, even when they are worlds apart.

Training & Manuals

Enhance learning with step-by-step instructions that help employees learn new skills faster.

Custom Solutions

For any other use case, Bravent has a team of experts for the development of customized technological solutions.

The benefits of implementing Mixed Reality with HoloLens .|

Increases employee productivity by up to 25% through the use of available tools

Improved training and preparation for complex tasks that require several steps for their execution

Guarantee quality because you will offer a better service and you will have a much better trained staff.

Optimization of direct costs thanks to remote training and assistance that avoids the displacement of personnel

Digitalization and automation of processes allow the standardization of most of the processes.

Optimize your production chain by obtaining statistics through tools that allow you to analyze processes and make assertive decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Enables technicians to collaborate and troubleshoot with remote collaborators for mobile devices or Microsoft Teams. Reduces costs and travel time. Remote technicians can add mixed reality annotations to provide instructions in context.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

Mixed reality tool that allows employees to learn through interactive instructions. Help your employees gain new knowledge faster without writing code with Dynamics 365 Guides on HoloLens devices.

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Digital Twins and Mixed Reality

We design and develop Digital Twins solutions with Mixed Reality, which allow the connection and collection of information from IoT devices and the creation of the simulator as a visualization tool that reflects what is happening or may happen in the physical environment.

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