Migration to M365

A migration to Microsoft 365 can originate from several sources

.I Migration of Microsoft on-premises environment where SharePoint on-premises, Exchange, AD, file servers, etc. are deployed.

.I Consolidation or migration of data between tenants (company acquisitions, mergers, consolidation of divisions or subsidiaries, etc.).

.I Migration from a data source other than Microsoft. For example, from Gsuite to Google Drive and Gmail.

Migration projects require a comprehensive understanding of the entire M365 environment in order to provide real value, as they are an ideal time to take full advantage of its potential.

Depending on the type of project, it is necessary to use third-party tools, which must be mastered, to ensure a safe, efficient, and value-adding process.

With Bravent to the Modern Work environment.|

.I Regardless of the origin of the information.

.I With full capacity to manage any type of migration.

.I In a transparent way for the user.

.I Adding value to the migrated information, by enriching metadata, improving access rights or confidentiality labeling, among others.

.I With the ability to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently.

.I Using the most suitable tools for the requirements of each migration.

.I Creating the appropriate architecture in the final environment.

Bravent is a partner of additional tool providers to those provided by Microsoft.

It allows you to migrate content to SharePoint or OneDrive while maintaining metadata or migrate Teams between tenants.

For migrations from Documentum.

For mailbox migration and tenant unification.

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