Project Description

“Bravent has been handling the maintenance of AIE’s partner management SGS application in an efficient and satisfactory way, fulfilling the Service Level Agreement agreed to between both parties. The dedication of their technicians and managers to their service guarantees a level of success that we’ve shared with our international partners, like Portugal, for which Bravent also handles maintenance, to their complete satisfaction.”
Julio, AIE


The Sociedad de Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecuntantes de España (AIE) has chosen Bravent for the development of a new extranet for its partners.

The project consists on allowing artists access to our information in a swift and intuitive matter and avoiding redundant information introduced in the Extranet.

For that purpose, the aesthetic design and usability have been completely overhauled, the functionality has been updated and the process for the declaration of new data has been streamlined, for all of which the current implementation of services and the technical architecture has been reused in order to stabilize the Web’s maintenance.

The development of this project employed a wide diversity of Database and Web API technologies (Oracle and OAuth), and web technologies (MVC, Typescript, Knockout.js and Telerik’s Kendo controls)




Also for our AIE client, Bravent has developed their Desktop application for partner administration, which allows them to carry out the complete manipulation of their base business: managing artists, artist’s repertoire, declarations, allocation, etc.

For this development, WPF technology, Oracle 11g databases, Reporting Services and the Framework 3.5 has been extensively used.




Partner management system

Bravent has also developed for AIE its partner management system: A desktop application that allows the customer to carry out the entire process of managing their business base: management of artists, repertoire of artists, statements, deal, etc.

WPF technology, Oracle Database 11G, Reporting Services and Framework 3.5 have been used for its development.



Partner information system

TripAssistApp is an application aimed primarily at travel agencies, so that they can facilitate business trips to their partner companies.

The software shows in a single interface all pertinent information for the trip (flight, car rental, Hotel stay, links of interests, weather info, and currency exchange).

In addition, TripAssistApp notifies the user about any change her trip could experience, like flight delays or any other extraordinary situation.

The application allows for integration with the user’s mobile device and its calendar. It also allows for a degree of personalization to add the corporate colors of every Agency.

TripAssistApp was developed using Xamarin and it’s available for Android, iOs and Windows Phone devices.



Project Details