Your Intranet with Bravent

So that you can deploy and take advantage of all the productivity of a truly collaborative environment, Bravent helps you design and deploy modern information architectures through SharePoint.

With Bravent you can:

Analyze your business processes to determine the most efficient information structure.

Deploy the entire architecture of hubs and sites on SharePoint to host all that information.

Establish the most efficient navigation for each team.

Facilitate content creation and dissemination.

Establish the ideal integrations with the rest of the M365 environment applications (Teams, Office, etc.).

We are Valo's partner

Your intranet with Bravent.|

To further facilitate the usability and enhance SharePoint’s look & feel, Bravent is a partner of Valo, that, with its Valo Intranet, Valo TeamWork and Valo Connect solutions, allows you to:

Personalize the experience through apps and news for specific audiences.

Have sites in several languages, with automatic translation through AI.

Facilitate the administration of the entire environment and the creation of content.

Simplify the content search.

Create dashboards with the most relevant information for each team.

Create a more effective Teams integration.

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