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The Microsoft 365 environment has a very wide suite of tools for productivity but, at the same time, a full range of configuration options to meet business standards with the proper information security, while meeting workers’ needs in the use of these tools.

The Governance of the Microsoft 365 environment is, then, the tool through which the collaborative environment will be properly managed, both from a productivity and security perspective.

Bravent helps you to deploy a good Governance methodology, providing you with the appropriate knowledge of all the management possibilities offered by the Microsoft 365 environment in an agile and totally focused way to assess and solve the needs of your organization.

Objectives of good governance.|

.| Proper access management
.| Compliance with business standards
.| Ensuring data security
.| Satisfying users’ needs with IT tools
.| Avoiding the IT shadow phenomenon: information not shared in local repositories.

Governance planning: recognizing communication scenarios

Identification of more collaborative functionalities

Alineación con prioridades esenciales compañía


Permanent updating

Consideration of different groups’ needs

Insertion of decisions on activation/deactivation of features

Modern Work .|

Facilitating the optimal exploitation of Microsoft 365

.| M365: Suite of integrated applications

.| Key: Proper management for collaboration control

.| Governance controls across groups

Expiry policies
Naming conventions
Blocked words

Governance Services of Bravent .I

Deployment through workshops

Envisioning of the governance plan
Introduction and high-level presentation of Microsoft 365 security functionalities

SharePoint and OneDrive Workshop
Analysis and discovery of configurable features and properties

Teams Workshop
Analysis and discovery of configurable features and properties, definition of policies

Infrastructure and Exchange Online Workshop
Analysis and discovery of configurable features and properties, definition of policies

Security Workshop
Envisioning in which features included and superior to the available licensing are shown

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Benefits of good governance for your company .|

.I Protection against security threats.
.I Define and guarantee compliance with business and usage policies.
.I Reduction of TCO and maximization of ROI.
.I Alignment and contribution to business objectives.
.I Control of unexpected performance and operational situations.
.I Consolidation of roles and responsibilities .
.I Permanent updating according to the evolution of the business and technology.

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