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OpenAI has become a leader in artificial intelligence, focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies that benefit society. One of the notable partnerships OpenAI has formed is with the technology giant Microsoft. Microsoft invested one billion dollars in the company in 2019 to support its research and development efforts. This resulted in Azure OpenAI providing superior security for the user.

This partnership has enabled Azure OpenAI to accelerate its work on advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. This benefits Microsoft in its expertise in cloud computing and software development

What does this OpenAI-Microsoft union mean?

OpenAI ensures that general artificial intelligence (GAI) benefits humanity, while Microsoft empowers individuals and organizations to go further.

To date, they have developed 4 technologies:

To analyze and create text.

To understand and generate code.

Chat GPT
To create images from text.

To understand and generate conversations.

In this way, Azure OpenAI services ensure.|

.| Data, applications, and content protection, are accessible only to the user.

.| Creation of original scenarios thanks to pre-trained AI models.

.| Generation of customized AI models tailored to user data and hyperparameters.

.| A responsible artificial intelligence system that detects and mitigates harmful use.

.| Offering enterprise-level security with role-based access control (RBAC) and private networks.

Applied Artificial Intelligence.|

Call Center

This technology will allow you to obtain call summaries, perform intelligent call routing, provide sentiment analysis, evaluate agents, automatically generate emails, and perform semantic search on relevant documentation

HR Departments

It will enable analysis and summary of resumes, and analyze employee engagement and feedback. In this case, it can also perform semantic searches on HR documents and, finally, anonymize documents.

Customer Support

Enables ticket automation from received calls or emails, as well as email response automation. It also serves as a semantic search for documentation to assist in support and allows for sentiment analysis.

Sales and Marketing

It will manage hyper-personalization of communication and campaigns. Moreover, it will predict customer intent.

Increase team productivity

By summarizing documentation and/or meetings, generating PowerApps and/or code, and enabling code transformation to natural language and vice versa.

Social Media

By performing sentiment analysis on social networks, generating topic summaries, and dynamic content (with AI-generated images).

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