Success story

OTIS Mobile

OTIS is a leading global company in the manufacture of escalators, lifts and platforms, and it chose Bravent as its partner to automate one of its most important processes. It needed interactivity to visually analyse and make use of the data generated by its field technicians on its mobile application.

It needed to exploit the value of its employees’ activities because the system it was using could not help them to correct errors, meet KPIs or optimise their service by improving their productivity at work.

We analysed the situation and decided to deploy Power BI and Data Analytics to generate real time reports with control panels. The reports generated draw on the data every night and make it available for the management every day to automate and improve the decision-making processes in OTIS. This has helped the company to predict the financial results of its actions and to assign accurate KPIs.

By displaying the data in reports, it has made the information simpler, easier to understand and dynamic, adding significant value to its customer strategy. We have deployed an innovative Business Intelligent (BI) tool that has significantly helped our client in its digitalization process.

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