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One of the services that companies request most frequently in their digital transformation and which adds great value is the automation and updating of their business processes. Business Intelligence (BI) is one of these technologies. At Bravent we have always used Power BI and machine learning when working on BI.

We were chosen by Burger King as its technology partner to create a simple, automatic BI process to analyse the financial data from its restaurants so that it could manage the costs of each one.

It also wanted to sort their profiles by zone and area so that it could consult their corresponding data. The data was entered and processed on a daily and monthly basis.

To handle this, we set up a series of control panels which are now available on its intranet through the integration of Power BI with its current setup. This gives each supervisor access to the data available at all times for analysis and taking decisions that raise efficiency and business continuity.

Burguer King
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