Transforming the Energy Industry with Generative AI and Computer Vision

The energy industry is at an inflection point thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies such as generative artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision.

These innovations are revolutionizing the way companies manage their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Below, we explore some key use cases of these technologies in the energy sector.

Transforming the Energy Sector with Generative AI and Machine Vision

AI solutions to improve information management processes

Bravent has implemented in several energy companies a scalable and secure architecture to efficiently store information. This architecture not only facilitates access to data, but also limits access to sensitive information according to each user’s permissions.

With advanced AI solutions, companies can improve their information management processes in several areas:

  • New supplier onboarding: AI automates the new supplier onboarding process, reducing time and associated errors.
  • Supplier information management: Artificial intelligence interprets and manages large volumes of supplier data, improving operational efficiency.
  • Internal documentation for employees: AI facilitates the interpretation and management of internal documentation, enabling faster and more accurate access to relevant information.

In addition, the implementation of a chatbot for internal queries accelerates access to critical information, thus optimizing employee productivity.

Generative AI for Personalized Rates

Generative AI also plays a crucial role in customizing rates for customers. Using each customer’s profile and consumption data, energy companies can offer the best possible tariff in real time. This capability not only improves customer satisfaction, but also optimizes resource efficiency and maximizes revenue.

Computer Vision in Repair Validation

One of the most significant challenges in the energy sector is the management of incidents in critical infrastructures, such as electrical towers. Traditionally, when a fault occurred, the repair was budgeted and operators were subcontracted to fix it. These operators were required to take photos before and after the repair to validate the work.
However, this process was tedious and error-prone due to variability in the quality of the images and the lack of technical knowledge of some of the validation staff.

The implementation of computer vision developed by Bravent has automated this repetitive task, achieving not only significant time savings, but also a reduction in the costs associated with repair validation. With analysis and results presentation capabilities, automating the verification of repairs and ensuring that billing is aligned with the work performed.

In addition, a mobile application has been created for operators that validates in real time the quality of the photos before they are sent, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards for verification. This innovation has optimized the validation process by 90% and reduced the response time to incidents by 75%.

Transforming the Energy Sector with Generative AI and Machine Vision


The integration of generative AI and computer vision is transforming the energy sector, bringing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. These technologies represent the future of energy management, offering a range of possibilities that we are just beginning to explore.

At Bravent, we are committed to implementing advanced AI solutions to drive innovation in the energy sector. Want to learn more about how artificial intelligence can transform your business?

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