The Metaverse in Teams, Mesh creates your own avatar

Microsoft gives a step forward, bringing Metaverse to Microsoft Teams, thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Thanks to Microsoft Mesh, people who work with Teams app, could built our own avatar to stablish relationships with our colleagues.

Moreover, as it is a Microsoft tool for Teams, it could be used, not just in your own organization, but, also with your suppliers and clients that have Teams in their businesses.

Why has Microsoft Mesh been created for Teams?

Dear reader, if you didn´t have the chance to read one of our latest posts in which we spoke about the future of work, we recommend you do it.

There, we indicated that, around 50% of Z generation and Millennials expect to do part of their work in the Metaverse in the next two years, according to the lates t Microsoft Work Trend Index Annual Report.

Consequently, after these results, Microsoft has launched Mesh avatar for Teams to cover that need.

That way, with Mesh avatar, employees could create their own avatar to their meetings in Teams.

Thus, employees won´t have to switch their camaras on when they will start a meeting in Teams. However, they could be seen and interact with the rest of the attendees, through their avatar.

Likewise, users will be able to choose how they would like to appear in each of their meetings in Teams. It could be casual, professional, cool… they could choose the look that they need for each meeting.

Will it be easy to create an avatar in Teams for my employees?

Of course. They will have two different options to create their avatar in Microsoft Teams.

  • The first one, adding the Mesh avatar app in Microsoft Teams
  • The second one, entering directly from the Teams meeting.

Moreover, as we said before, users will be able to customize their avatar, to have a unique avatar to use in their meeting in Teams.

After, once the users have built their avatar and joined the meeting in Teams, they will have just to select “Effects and avatars”.

There, they will have to choose “avatars” and select that one which they want to join that session of Teams.

Could it be a distraction for my company?

Not at all, by the time users start meeting with their avatar in Teams, it will be just another part of the work meetings.

Mesh for Teams has been created to make work meetings more personal, productive, and fun.

In this way, although users should attend many daily meetings, each one will be different, making them feel different experiences.

Moreover, when there are teleworking or they spend many time in the same office, workers will get out of the monotony and feel as they are in different spaces.

Therefore, they will avoid the routine, increasing their creativity, productivity and engagement with the result and the organization.

What benefits will have to use Mesh for Teams in my business?

First at all, teamwork will become more real through Teams,

Workers will feel as they are in front of their co-workers and will be able to co-create as they were together in the same meeting room.

Therefore, a Teams user could know the facial expressions and body gestures of their colleagues, even if they are not in the same physical space.

How does Microsoft Mesh manage to create avatars in Teams?

Firstly, it recreates a holographic image of the user in the location that they want, allowing them to interact with their environment.

Secondly, it creates a customized 3D image of the user. Workers could decide if they want an exact copy of themselves or play with different aspects.

Thirdly, like in Teams, workers will be able to access to Mesh for Teams though any device, including immersive reality devices.

Fourthly, through audio signals, Mesh will be able to recognise the attendants’ facial expressions.

Fifthly, companies will create their own workplaces within Mesh, where they will host their meetings in Teams

Which conclusion can you extract from Mesh for Teams?

All this progress is going to allow organization to be even more global and save travel costs to hold some of their team meetings.

In addition, it will generate more engagement among their employees. They will remain part of a whole, and they will know how they are feeling emotionally, even if they don´t see each other.

Likewise, it is linked to 2030 agenda. There are many organizations and countries have joined to it, advancing to be a sustainable company.

For all this, this new tool will allow companies to be even closer to the future.

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