The Metaverse arrives in the Industry

Could this be a passing fad?

These days, it seems that Metaverse is being talked about for everything.

However, let’s take a bit of perspective to analyze what, how, where, when and why the Metaverse is very useful in the industry.

4 important aspects about the Metaverse

In order to see the benefits of the Metaverse in the industry, we first have to be clear about the following points:

  1. A virtual world is not necessarily an unreal world
  2. It allows connectivity with external systems
  3. Traveling from the 2D world to the 3D world opens up incredible possibilities for the industry sector
  4. It is a world that every day has a new capability, promoting important alliances between large companies

All of this points to the fact that the Metaverse has vast possibilities, that it is here to stay, and that it is up to us to decide how and where to take advantage of its capabilities.

What are the benefits of the Metaverse in Industry?

Although these benefits are applicable to all sectors, we are going to focus on industry:

  1. Allows to assimilate the information in an agile and fast way, since it is learned by experimenting
  2. Increases the ability to concentrate, eliminating external factors
  3. Access to complex or dangerous areas without being at risk, anticipating possible errors or problems in the future
  4. Change of perspective, by visualizing a physical problem through virtual reality

Are there any drawbacks to using the Metaverse in Industry?

Those industries that enter the Metaverse may encounter the following obstacles:

  1. Not every time a virtual operation is performed, the result is the same in the real world
  2. If you are in the Metaverse for too many hours in a row, it can lead to sensory disorientation
  3. If the Metaverse has not been well created, the interfaces may not be as precise as they should be

Therefore, to take advantage of the industrial Metaverse, it is necessary that its use be consistent and balanced.

What is the current situation of the industry regarding the Metaverse?

When we talked about Industry 4.0, we saw that the industry sector is especially active with the adoption of technological innovations, for that reason, most of the companies are researching and working on the adoption of the Metaverse.

What use cases does the Metaverse have in the industry?

We could find millions of use cases, so we are going to focus on a single example and, from there, to extract all the benefits for an industry of getting into the Metaverse.

First, thinking about an example from the industrial sector, we will choose a company which wants to improve the performance of a machine and therefore replaces a part of it.

Starting with the design phase, engineers have tools for modelling, but the first question arises: Does the industry have an environment that allows them to do their work collaboratively?

Therefore, it is not a matter of sending the design to one another or sharing designs in a given location, but of working at the same time on a version of the model. You are looking for interaction with each other and with the design of the part in question.

In addition, the virtual environment in this industry, allows you to analyze the assembly process of the new part, showing if it is necessary to redesign any more parts with which it might conflict.

It is possible thanks to the possibility of changing the point of view of the complete or partial models.

Also, thanks to the use of the Metaverse, the design of the part, the analysis of the environment and the creation of the assembly procedure will be done in a collaborative way.

Once the new part is created, it is necessary to learn how to handle it. Everything is new: the part, the design, the instructions. For this reason, the operators have to learn how it works. In a real environment it would be impossible for everyone to do it at the same time.

For this reason, since it is not possible to stop the machines to train the people in charge of their maintenance, the Metaverse allows them to be trained in a virtual environment.

In addition, everyone who enters into this environment will be able to contribute knowledge and experience to improve the part and its assembly process.

Likewise, industrial companies will be able to use the Digital Twins. In this way, they will be able to understand and analyze how the improvement in one point of the value chain (the new part created) can affect the rest of the industry’s assets.

In other words, the visualization of the information in a collaborative, immersive and three-dimensional environment brings new models of collaboration to the people in the company.

In this way, information flows in a natural way, it is visualized from different points of view and formats, and these environments are created to facilitate this task.

As a conclusion, we can say that the Metaverse can be the engine that leads us to this working model in the industry.

As a summary of what the Metaverse is for the Industry

An industrial company will achieve with Metaverso:

  1. Maximize its concentration, achieving better results
  2. Streamline learning, saving downtime
  3. Multiply the points of view, improving the power of decision making
  4. Work in a safe and collaborative environment, minimizing economic and personal risks

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