The importance of cybersecurity for your business

The digital world is evolving rapidly, with a 300% annual increase in ransomware attacks since 2019 and an acceleration of cyber threats. Thus, 35% of cyberattacks perpetrated in 2023 came from hitherto unknown methods. Attackers have found new vulnerabilities to exploit and new techniques to deceive companies; the use of AI exploits, and the automation of attacks allows scopes never seen before.

Any company can be affected, in fact, 54% of companies have suffered at least one cyberattack during 2023. This evolution demands greater vigilance. This is why 55% of companies have decided to invest in their cybersecurity.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity concerns all companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational groups. Its role is to protect computer systems against cybercriminals. And this for a local network or an open network in the Cloud, a software, desktops or laptops, cell phones, tablets, objects all interconnected… at different levels with different users, not always belonging to the same organization and therefore not at the same level of security imposed by the internal rules of the companies.

The challenges of cybersecurity are immense, therefore, it is imperative to protect the essential information assets of the company, that is, the Information System. This includes customer data, financial information and trade secrets. To this end, cybersecurity missions are varied:

Develop security policies (Preventive).
Detect and respond to security incidents (Reactive role)
Manage the impact of the incident (reactive/preventive role)
Assess risks and identify possible new threats (proactive role).

Ultimately, cybersecurity goes beyond the purchase of software or equipment. It represents an ongoing commitment by everyone to protect the vital assets of organizations, being aware that we are both potential vectors of infection and participants in security.

The importance of cybersecurity for your business

Why is cybersecurity essential?

Cybersecurity is a necessity. Not surprisingly, a cyber-attack can cause significant financial losses and affect the overall financial health of the company. The average cost of a cyber-attack is estimated at 50,000 euros. To this must be added the loss of profit, the reputational cost, the possible fine from sanctioning bodies, the loss of confidence of customers and partners…

The time it takes to restore the computer system and recover data backups (if any), a company loses on average 27% of its annual turnover. Add the rest of the concepts, and we arrive at figures on annual turnover for an attack of average type completely unaffordable.

To be exhaustive:

Reputational impact with damage to customer confidence that may be irreversible.
Data leakage to competitors that may harm your competitiveness in the national and international market.
Legal risks with significant penalties and fines for non-compliance with data protection regulations.

Result: 60% of the attacked SMEs declare bankruptcy within 18 months of the attack…


In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity has become an essential component for the sustainability and success of any business. The numbers don’t lie: cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, affecting companies of all sizes and sectors. The protection of IT systems and sensitive information is no longer optional, but an absolute necessity.

Investing in cybersecurity not only prevents significant financial losses, but also protects the reputation and trust that customers place in companies. At Bravent, we understand the importance of a proactive and continuous approach to cybersecurity, and we are committed to helping companies strengthen their defenses against growing digital threats.

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