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It is time to look back, to give thanks and to set challenges for the coming year.

For this reason, we would like to thank all our customers who have once again placed their trust in us.

We also would like to welcome all those who have bet on us for the first time and, we hope, will continue to do so for many years to come.

More than 100 clients have believed in us this 2022, and we have completed more than 160 projects, we could not be happier!

But, as it would be impossible to list each and every one of them, we would like to tell you about our most important success stories of this year.

One by one, we will tell you about the technological solutions we have developed:

IoT Alert System (SAM)

We developed an IoT alert system for one of our clients, Grupo Mazo, a leading Spanish freight transport company.

This company needed to have an end-to-end solution that would allow them to obtain accurate and near-real time information to react quickly and safely to different situations in their business.

For this, we developed an Azure IoT Architecture solution visualized through dashboards in the Business Intelligence Power BI tool.

This way, all your trucks are connected and ensures the cold chain of all your goods.

Industrial Vision Solutions

Because computer vision experts need a strong ability to train new models, we worked on developing proof-of-concepts to see how Intel Computer Vision AI could help them.

We were able to develop a custom solution, with OpenVINO.

This solution allows them to automatize a complicated production process, avoiding human error.

In addition, it eliminates automated tasks performed by hand and improves the company’s quality control processes.

In this way, it allows you to obtain information, in real time, of the entire process.

At the same time, the delivered solution learns and improves the process even further.

Metaverse Architecture

We created a world in the Metaverse for Merz Aesthetics, a German family-owned company turned multinational, dedicated to the art of aesthetic medicine.

It is a laboratory that continually strives for excellence and is always on the cutting edge of innovation.

This, coupled with the fact of the size of the organization and its geographical dispersion, meant that it needed a world in the Metaverse, the MerzAverse.

To this end, thanks to the power of the Metaverse, we created 3 different rooms within it.

The organization had a meeting, led by the CEO in the Metaverse, while the attendees were in a physical room.

For this reason, a corner was set up with the Oculus Quest, so that they could access the MerzAverso.

In this way, in addition to transmitting innovation, the company has managed to bring its employees from all over the world closer together.

In addition, the company is committed to starting onboarding, training and medical simulations through the Metaverse.

Threasure Hunt application

Ooredoo, a Qatari multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, wants its customers to live unique experiences with the brand.

For this reason, during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, it decided to involve all its loyal customers in this important event.

To do this, it needed to develop a solution that would allow them to play through different scenarios in Qatar, via web or app.

For this reason, we developed an Augmented Reality solution based on Azure.

In this way, their customers have been able to live an immersive experience, making them participants of the World Cup played in their country through technology.

AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors

Ferrovial, a Spanish company dedicated to the production of transportation infrastructure at a global level, is firmly committed to the development of sustainable solutions.

In response to this challenge, it has created AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors.

This is an initiative that seeks the development of 5G smart roads and advanced monitoring, sensing and simulation technology.

Thanks to the implementation of Azure IoT Architecture and 5G solutions, a connected and orchestrated infrastructure that allows automated vehicles to circulate is achieved.

Would you like to know more?

These are just some of the projects we have done this year.

We cannot be more grateful to all of you, because without you, Bravent would not be possible.

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