Revolutionizing Industrial Plan Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

On April 26th, a new edition of the datathon organized by Indesia was held at Microsoft‘s offices. In this meeting, Bravent and the company Intrustial presented an innovative development based on Artificial Intelligence that transforms the way in which blueprint analysis processes, which are traditionally analyzed manually, are digitized and optimized.

Intrustial, a provider of Manufacturing as a Service, with a distributed manufacturing model, that is, using machinery from other factories as its own production capabilities, faced a considerable challenge: the analysis of industrial drawings for quotation. This process, which until now absorbed a significant amount of time and resources, is being reinvented thanks to the proposed generative AI solution.

An AI-Driven Solution for a New Industrial Age

Using advanced technologies such as Azure GPT-4 Vision and Custom Vision, the tool not only extracts crucial information from blueprints by analyzing text, tables and images, but also identifies specific symbols and allows queries to be performed by a natural language-based chatbot.

In addition, this technology is ready to facilitate the customization of the chatbot’s knowledge base with customer-specific data, which expands the ability to generate relevant insights.

“Thanks to this solution, we have discovered the true potential of AI to automate and optimize processes that were previously tedious and manual. With this development, we estimate that we could increase our capacity to submit to 15% more bids in the same amount of time,” said Manuel de la Nava, CEO of Intrustial.

Jordi Pompas, Bravent’s Artificial Intelligence Specialist, together with Manuel de la Nava, co-presented the solution to the datathon jury. During the presentation, they performed a demonstration using a real case, which not only highlighted the practicality and effectiveness of this technology, but also secured their position among the three finalists of the event. This achievement underscores our team’s commitment to excellence and the cutting edge in the field of artificial intelligence.

Revolucionando el Análisis de Planos Industriales con Inteligencia Artificial

Key Benefits of the AI-Driven Solution for industry:

Improved efficiency: Significant reduction in time spent on quotations.

Increased capacity: Ability to submit 15% more bids in the same amount of time.

Scalability: Potential to double the number of bids with the same resources, expanding the company’s operational scope without compromising quality.

This tool not only improves productivity, but also ensures greater accuracy and security, keeping information under strict control, as demanded by customers.

Transform your Industrial Operation with Artificial Intelligence

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