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Bravent and Grupo Construcía join forces to drive digital transformation in circular and sustainable construction

The construction industry has shown a remarkable resistance to change and, although new products and materials have been developed, construction processes have remained virtually unchanged since their inception. The climate emergency has put the sector under scrutiny. Responsible for 36% of emissions linked to energy use and 40% of total energy consumption, the construction sector faces pressure to adapt to European regulations and global sustainability commitments.

Grupo Construcía detected this problem more than 10 years ago and, since then, has been committed to transforming the construction paradigm based on the principles of the circular economy, especially the Cradle to Cradle® approach. The circular economy promotes the management of materials in infinite cycles of use, a process that requires efficient management of large amounts of data and, for this, digitization is indispensable.

One of the keys to the circular economy is collaboration. For the digitization process of construction, Grupo Construcía relies on partners such as Bravent, the technology consultant specialized in innovative solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, which is committed to the digitization of the Group.

Towards a circular and sustainable future

The role of digitization in circular construction

Digitization, first and foremost, allows data to become the protagonist of the industry’s development towards positive impact. It measures, quantifies, analyzes and provides traceability information, thus facilitating the implementation of sustainable practices. Bravent, with its expertise in Microsoft technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence, plays a key role in this process, providing solutions that optimize daily work and improve project management.

In this sense, Grupo Construcía is undergoing an ambitious digital transformation process, adopting advanced technologies that optimize its internal and external processes and for which Bravent develops customized solutions that enable more efficient resource management, consequently facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable and circular construction model.

“In our vision towards a truly sustainable construction, digitalization presents itself as an indispensable bridge between technological innovation and the generation of a positive impact. We have strategic allies such as Bravent that allow us not only to move forward, but also to lead the change towards a future that is more respectful of our planet” said Roberto Ordoyo, Chief Technical Officer of Grupo Construcía.

About Grupo Construcía

Grupo Construcía is an ecosystem of companies that seeks to transform the construction sector and industry through the circular economy. Its five companies operate throughout the value chain, from investment to the chemistry of products. It has more than 300 employees and offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. It currently comprises: Construcía (pioneer in circular construction), Eco Intelligent Growth (Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy consultancy, Cradle to Cradle Certified® Accredited Assessment Body), Construcía Instalaciones and Circular Capital (impact investment management).

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