Press release | Bravent launches a program to encourage girls’ and women’s interest in STEM careers

Press release

BraveTechLadies is the name given to this movement promoted by the technology consulting firm Bravent, which seeks to raise the profile of women in the IT sector and encourage the interest of future generations in this field.

Madrid, June 2024 – On the occasion of International Women in Engineering Day, celebrated on June 23rd, Bravent announces the launch of a new program to promote the interest of girls and women in STEM careers.

The BraveTechLadies initiative comes from the need to reduce the existing gender gap in the technological field. The objective is twofold: first, to encourage girls and young women to take an interest in IT careers and, second, to support and raise the profile of women in the sector. Among the actions of this initiative, many of them will be aimed at being a point of union between girls and professionals to create female referents for future generations.

To highlight the importance of this initiative, Bravent’s female colleagues have drawn up a manifesto with 10 points that summarize the positive aspects of working in the technology sector and what it has given them over the years. Along the same lines, Bravent has created a video presentation where you can see the strength, perseverance, coordination, values and unity of the group.

“At Bravent, we are aware of the gender gap that persists in the technology sector. We want to highlight the critical role of women and girls in this field and convey to them that their ideas, creativity and commitment are essential to building an equitable future that drives progress and excellence in the industry,” says Fiona Guariniello, spokesperson for BraveTechLadies.



  1. Leadership opportunities and the ability to model the way for other women in the industry.
  2. A unique perspective that fosters innovation and creativity in diverse teams. “Programming is creating”.
  3. Strength and resilience showing us that we can overcome any barrier with determination and effort.
  4. Communication and collaboration skills, vital to the success of complex projects.
  5. Personal and professional growth, expanding our skills and knowledge each day.
  6. An inspiring support network, a healthy community, full of mentors and colleagues who motivate and celebrate every success.
  7. Confidence in solving problems and finding innovative solutions to technical challenges.
  8. Vision for the future of technology and an active role in shaping that future that has no limit….
  9. Appreciation for diversity: “Being a woman in the technology world has brought us a deep appreciation for diversity and its importance in creating products and services that benefit everyone.”
  10. Being part of the change, the opportunity to make an impact on society through technology, from improving education to creating sustainable solutions.

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