Dynamics 365 CRM: How can it boost your sales team

Do you want to boost your sales team? Synchronize the work between marketing and your sales team to increase sales? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect platform for this.

Dynamics CRM can help your teams to work in a coordinated way to identify suitable objectives with personalized messages that improve interest and engagement from clients.

  • Enable sales to collaborate in cross-functional teams to create deals that accelerate the closing process.
  • Discover historical sales trends to predict future sales declines and think about solutions to correct them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do all this and more. It can be the powerful tool that your sales team needs to amplify their efforts and boost their success.


Dynamics 365 Characteristics

Many times, marketing processes are disconnected from the objectives and prospection efforts of the sales department.  Most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms do not provide the kind of detailed analysis that enables the sales team to move forward.

To improve this, it is necessary to have a tool that is easy to adopt, that improves the company’s efficiency and increases sales, a tool that helps you outperform your competition 365 days a year.

Dynamics 365 can be the collaborative work platform that unifies your sales efforts by converting more leads into sales.

This is how it works:

Detailed and organized information

¿How can Dynamics 365 complete your sales prospection efforts?

Finding new customers can be a tedious task unless you can use your CRM and identify the right prospects at the right time. Predicting what a customer wants and needs and then satisfying them are some of the most difficult tasks of the professional salesperson.

The first step towards customer engagement is to understand exactly what your needs are and how we can help you.

With Dynamics 365, you can leverage shared information gathered from a broad team that includes sales reps, customer service, project managers, and anyone else who has contact with a customer. From meeting notes documented in real-time to shared documents, Dynamics 365 enables teams to collaborate efficiently.

You can also create a predictive score for leads to predict which ones are most likely to convert into a sale. The score is added to the Dynamics 365 customer record to help improve targeting and save time.

If your sales team isn’t generating enough leads or isn’t talking to the right leads, Dynamics 365 can help. Task automation can help boost productivity, and marketing automation can reach customers consistently and effortlessly.

Sales Trends and Performance

Dynamics 365 allows you to manage regional sales territories, which will help you reduce duplication of efforts. Dynamics 365 allows you to coordinate the efforts of multiple departments from a centralized hub. This way, sales knows if there was a customer service issue before customers call.

Run reports by region, by sales executive or by time range, and set up automation to send information to your entire organization. The task management feature allows you to share documents, take notes, and set reminders. As a communication tool or screen sharing and instant messaging to video and audio conferencing, this platform has everything you need.

Dynamics 365 improves the accessibility of customer information, increases the productivity of their teams, makes all data visible to teams, and provides enterprise-grade reliability and security.