Microsoft HoloLens: The Mixed Reality device your company needs

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is the latest generation of mixed reality devices released by Microsoft.


What does Mixed Reality mean? Mixed reality is a fusion of augmented reality and virtual reality. The purpose of this mixed reality is to bring the real world into the virtual world in order to interact with both.


The applicability of HoloLens to industrial environments offers many advantages and benefits for companies that have decided to implement it.


Hololens 2 can improve industrial production chains and even optimize training processes. Also, it can incorporate remote assistance, avoiding loss of business continuity and production stoppages.


Thanks to Remote Assist, you can remotely connect with any technician and offer assistance in real-time.


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Why does your company need HoloLens 2? We give you the main reasons why you need this tool for your company:


  • Improve and streamline the quality control process: thanks to this tool companies will be able to perform better quality controls.


  • Save maintenance time thanks to remote experts: it is much easier to leave aside the traditional instruction manuals and contact a virtual agent who will tell you the steps to follow.


  • Optimize the training of your employees: thanks to Mixed Reality any training course can be carried out for your employees and they can be guided step by step thanks to the benefits of HMD.


  • Mixed Reality helps manufacturers due to the shortage of qualified personnel. In this way, workers can be guided at all times to minimize errors that can be caused manually.


  • Improvements compared to competitors: using mixed reality brings value to your company and is a differential fact.