Metaverse Enterprises: Key Trends for 2023

After the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, the metaverse became the center of the technology debate.

And throughout the year 2022, different metaverse projects emerged and the name of many brands was boosted thanks to the technological advances in these new virtual worlds.

Likewise, the year has not been without setbacks. The 75% plunge in Meta’s share price and the recent drop in metaverse-related patent applications invited critics to lash out at the concept.

Still, opportunities in the metaverse space are likely starting to emerge.

When we talk about metaverse companies we refer to all the companies that are finding a place in these new virtual worlds to make their business known.

2023 promises to be a year of rapid growth in the metaverse as companies look for ways to grab a piece of the emerging industry.

Main trends for the metaverse companies in 2023

  1. Gaming

The gaming industry has recognized the potential of metaverses and is investing heavily in virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality systems, such as Valve Index and Meta Quest, have been widely used as gaming platforms, and for good reason.

This is because Virtual Reality allows for a truly immersive gaming experience, something gamers have been dreaming about for decades and is now a reality.

It is important to keep in mind that the Virtual Reality gaming space is still in its infancy.

Games in the metaverse still have inferior graphics to the classics.

However, advances in chip manufacturing could solve this problem in the future.

  1. Education and training

Metaverses could also revolutionize the way we learn.

The use of Virtual Reality in education offers the potential for a more engaging learning experience, as students can immerse themselves in virtual classrooms and simulations.

This trend is already becoming a reality.

Business schools are exploring the use of Virtual Reality in the curriculum because they believe it has great potential to teach students crucial soft skills.

Companies have jumped on this trend even faster and are starting to use the potential of metaverse companies and Virtual Reality in learning.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is one example.

Now, companies around the world are using it to train their employees.

  1. Virtual cities

We have already seen the emergence of virtual cities in the metaverse.

Projects such as Umetaworld are creating a virtual replica of the real world, city by city.

This could allow users to meet and interact in a 3D environment without leaving home.

These decentralized projects also allow users to own land and other objects in the virtual world as NFT.

Beyond changing the digital world, these projects could have tangible effects in real life.

For example, they could help expand access to the services people need.

Companies are already exploring how Virtual Reality could help make public transportation more accessible.

Likewise, governments could also use these technologies, potentially for emergency and security updates.

Moreover, Virtual Reality headsets could allow users to view augmented reality maps to facilitate urban mobility, with real-time updates on rush hour status.

Virtual cities could become a platform on which all these services are built.

Metaverse companies or Corporate Metaverse

According to an article in spicework magazine, what we now know as the Corporate Metaverse is being created, which is a powerful metaverse marketing tool that promises to provide platforms, tools and complete virtual worlds where business can be done remotely, efficiently and intelligently.

The metaverse concept is expected to merge with the idea of the “digital twin”, really interesting.

Where will the corporate metaverse go in 2023?

It is impossible to predict where metaverse technology will go in the future.

However, what we can predict is that metaverse technology has the potential to transform multiple industries in the future and the metaverse is now a reality.

This will have ramifications on most people’s careers, as new jobs will emerge and others will become obsolete.

It will also impact their portfolios, as companies that adapt to the new reality in virtual worlds will see increased growth and profits.

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