Manufacturing Industry: Microsoft equips your employees with tools of the future

Manufacturing industry has become essential in our society. Every day the demand and competition felt by these companies is greater.

Moreover, manufacturing industry companies are subjected to legal requirements more intense and complex, as are the threats facing their assembly lines.

So, communication and interaction between manufacturing workers must be direct and in real time. That way, it is possible to avoid information gaps between the assembly lines and the rest of the team.

How does this situation affect to manufacturing industry?

Workers from different companies in the manufacturing industry have confirmed the need to use more advanced technological tools.

In addition, more than a third of first-line manufacturing workers add that they do not have the necessary technological tools to be able to carry out their work in an agile, efficient and error-free manner.

Consequently, these companies need technological tools that allow them to have a sustainable growth and reach a higher productivity.

For that reason, Microsoft is working to all workers in the manufacturing industry have the necessary skills to do their jobs, avoiding downtime derived by repetitive tasks or lack of information for decision making.

Which solution does Microsoft offer to manufacturing industry?

Anticipating that necessity, Microsoft has developed new functionalities and abilities in its cloud products, searching to optimize, connect and improve the work force in companies of manufacturing industry.

That way, first-line workers would be able to work efficiently and, in addition, take advantage of the future opportunities.

How will workflows improve in the manufacturing industry?

Microsoft wants to empower manufacturing front-line workers by optimizing workflows integration through Microsoft Power Apps.

How will Microsoft do it?

Through Updates in Microsoft Teams, company pretends that, manufacturing workers save energy and time.

For this reason, it seeks that workers manage everything from a single place. They will be able to create, review and send all reports, records and updated generated in the workflow, directly.

Microsoft Power Apps allows to integrate Approvals in Microsoft Teams in operation applications of the manufacturing industry.

What benefits will that companies obtain?

Including Microsoft 365 integration would allow to create approval solicitations for a whole document or a part of it, in word.

Besides, they would manage that approval solicitations directly in Microsoft List. Also, workers would be able to do group and sequential approvals, soon.

Moreover, companies in the manufacturing industry, will create customized collaborative experiences, allowing front line workers to access easily to Teams.

Equally, Microsoft Teams has a shifts connector that allows manufacturing companies to do a precise scheduling.

That way, they will do an exhaustive tracing of the time and their employees’ attendance, allowing them to have a lower turnover and accomplishing all working policies and laws.

Due to that, companies from manufacturing companies dedicate less time to administrative tasks, harness it to do more added value tasks, such as employee advice, attend clients or looking for new businesses.

Furthermore, the unlocking and digitization of manufacturing-floor data, along with the generational shift in worker age and, most recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic, have caused that digital transformation in manufacturing industry to accelerate.

That has triggered that first line teams need collaborative tools to allow them to be connected with different departments and geographics. In order to share key knowledge and resources with their teams.

In other words, thanks to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva Connections, manufacturing workers will be connected to each other and the rest of the organization, allowing them to make real time decisions.

How will workers from manufacturing industry communicate inside of their companies?

Walkie Talkie application has been developed by Microsoft, to allow teams to communicate between them, directly, from each part of the world and in every moment.

Thanks to that, productive processes, decision making and answer ability, in case of a no desire situation, will be more agile.

Moreover, companies will create multiple profiles inside of a unique Microsoft Viva Connection session, allowing them to have different roles in one organization.

Additionally, control panel has been improved and it is available in different languages, adapting it to multiple necessities.

Which conclusion can be drawn?

With the changes occurred in the manufacturing industry in the recent years, and the exiting need of their workers to adapt themselves to use digital tools, it is important that these people start using these kinds of tools to learn and improve as the technology does.

Also, no just front-line workers but the business will see their results improved once they start using these tools on regular basis.

Finally, using these applications will allow them to growth and learn as these tools do.

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