Learn what the metaverse is and how you can use it to grow your business.

In the last few months, you have probably heard or read about the metaverse, a concept that brings new business opportunities for companies.   

The metaverse is still a concept that remains unknown to many. Knowing what it is and how you can use it to grow your business will allow you to be prepared to adapt and join the new changes in the digital world.  

We invite you to read on so you can discover more about this topic. 


The virtual world of the metaverse  


The term metaverse is not new. For several years it has been used in various fields to refer to alternative virtual worlds.  

It comes from the English metaverse and the first time the concept was used was in a 1992 novel called Snow Crash 

In general terms, the metaverse is a representation of reality that can be seen through virtual reality programs.  


Teleporting to a new world  


Until very recently, the idea of human beings teleporting was just a fantasy.  


Soon we will be able to make it a reality, thanks to the metaverse and the complements that will allow us to interact in this new world of virtual reality 


For example, virtual reality glasses will allow us to carry out activities such as shopping in a store and trying on clothes or interacting with other people anywhere in the world without leaving our homes.  

  Surprising? Yes. As people discover more of this concept they ask themselves what is the utility or importance of living connected to a virtual reality world?  

The answers and opinions are diverse.   

Everything will depend on the use we make of it, however, until we put it into practice, we will not know.   

 While we can see it in practice and make it a reality, let’s analyze the theory about the application and usefulness of the metaverse in the business environment.  


Metaverse enterprises  


Working from anywhere in a three-dimensional or virtual space is what metaverse companies propose.  

 The most viral and focused company to start working in its own metaverse has been Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, however, there are many companies that are initiating other projects to promote this virtual reality technology.  


Such is the case of the initiatives taken by Microsoft with the HoloLens Mixed Reality glasses, a holographic device in the form of ergonomic glasses that has applications focused on increasing productivity and work connectivity. This and the use of Microsoft Teams can mean a very important revolution for the workplace. We are talking about Microsoft Mesh.   


Likewise, companies such as PlayStation, Alibaba, and TikTok, have already declared their interest in becoming a metaverse company and are starting to bet on new virtual reality projects.  


All this with the intention of standing out from other companies that offer similar proposals.  The metaverse is a platform for sharing data, exchanging information and knowledge in interconnected spaces.  


It also has a full-fledged economy that encompasses the physical and virtual worlds.  The benefits for companies that integrate the metaverse platform into their daily activities are many.  Tasks such as making payments or external transactions without the need for travel, team meetings in three-dimensional workspaces, will be some of the advantages that this new virtual world offers.  



Human beings turned into avatars  


Breaking the physical or economic barriers of the real world is what makes many companies see the metaverse as the future of the Internet.  


A new environment that offers the opportunity to facilitate daily tasks and grow our businesses within cyberspace sounds promising.  


However, it needs to be put into practice in order to test and confirm if everything that this theory promises is viable.  At Bravent, we believe that the metaverse is a platform that has arrived to improve the economy and boost business growth.  


In fact, we are already proving it with the use of HoloLens and Microsoft Mesh in different fields and industries.   


Metaverse and business use cases  


The idea of the metaverse is to create a virtual parallel universe that we can access with Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality devices.  

For example, through HoloLens that we mentioned above, they have sensors capable of registering physical movements so that our avatar in the metaverse does exactly the same.  

 We will also be able to recreate our facial expressions on that avatar inside the metaverse to interact better.  


We will create virtual workspaces tailored to our tastes and needs.  Our businesses would also be in a virtual world, being visited by countless virtual avatars that will have the possibility of buying our products or services in a more interactive and practical way. 


Regarding the economy within the metaverse, there will be the possibility of earning money with some kind of virtual currency and also with real money. 


New jobs will be created within the metaverse. 


– What is your job? 


– I am a salesperson in a virtual store in the metaverse. 


Interesting? Very.  


We can only wait to see what life will be like in this virtual world. 


In this way, we will be able to understand it better to adapt to change and continue to grow with our companies. 


Will you join the advances of the digital era in 2022 so you can grow your business?