Five Solutions Areas and Two Advanced Specializations as a Microsoft Solution Partner

We already have five Solutions Areas and two Specializations!

In the fast-paced world of technology, standing out as a reliable and versatile Solution Partner is a remarkable achievement. In this regard, we have taken a step forward by becoming a Microsoft Solution Partner in five of the technology leader’s six core solution areas: Infrastructure (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), Digital App Innovation (Azure), Business Applications and Modern Work.

This milestone not only underscores our technological prowess, but also highlights the deep commitment to the growth and well-being of both our team and our customers.

With each of these designations, we demonstrate our ability to not only keep pace with technological evolution, but to lead it.

One of the company’s distinguishing characteristics is its commitment and care for its clients. Beyond implementing cutting-edge technological solutions, the company ensures that they contribute to the development and productivity of their businesses.

This commitment translates into the implementation of customized strategies that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

When we talk about having five of Microsoft’s six Solution Areas, we emphasize the importance of having holistic knowledge to provide comprehensive solutions.

The ability to address multiple solution areas demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all facets of enterprise technology.

Microsoft Advanced Specializations: AI & Machine Learning and Modernization of Web Applications

In addition to these designations, we have two Microsoft Advanced Specializations: AI & Machine Learning and Modernization of Web Applications. These additional specializations further reinforce our commitment to excellence and innovation in the technology space.

In addition, we are among the few partners to have achieved the AI advanced specialization.

Behind every Bravent achievement is the #braventTeam, which contributes its experience and dedication to the execution of the most innovative projects with Microsoft technology.

We are ready to continue leading the way in business technology innovation!