Bravent steps on the accelerator in Latin America with its entry into Mexico

Press Release

Bravent gives a new boost to its international expansion plan

  • With a presence in Spain, Qatar, Peru and the United States, the year 2024 begins with its arrival in the Central American market.
  • A new opening in the Latin American market led by Hugo Solis, a professional of reference in the country’s technology industry.

This strategic step will strengthen its presence in Latin America and will allow it to take advantage of new opportunities in a dynamic and constantly evolving market.

The main objective will be to develop customized technology and process digitalization projects in the Logistics, Energy, Construction and Manufacturing sectors, in order to obtain significant increases in production and business for its customers.

The company continues with its firm commitment to promote new ideas in order to introduce innovative changes in the global market, and to be a reference in the use of the latest technological advances.

“One of the keys to our success is that we tackle all types of technology projects, from core applications to solutions with disruptive technologies, which is why we can say that we are capable of boosting our clients’ businesses,” says José Luis Carrascosa Colmenero, founder and CEO of Bravent.

At the forefront of innovation

Bravent has positioned itself strongly in innovation thanks to its ability to deploy technological projects and process digitalization in many areas, achieving significant increases in production and business for its customers.

Among the most disruptive success stories developed in recent months by Bravent is the creation with Generative AI for the Iberostar Group’s W2M of a synthetic-realistic avatar based on a real person that allows intelligent conversations in multiple languages and in real time, as well as offering personalized content and answers about the company’s different brands and destinations.

In the field of Metaverse, the project developed for Avangrid of the Iberdrola group for simulated environments in which to carry out cyber-attack simulations so that employees know how to proceed in these situations, giving the possibility of simulating the same situation several times.

Mixed Reality is another area in which it is developing some of the most interesting projects in the sector. Thus, it has integrated in the highly regulated training processes of Aviation Group, mixed reality glasses to help train qualified technical personnel through a virtual assistant and holograms that guide them on the steps to be performed for maintenance tasks or breakdowns of aircraft parts.

From different areas of specialization, it offers businesses and companies technological solutions that enable them to improve their business processes and results.

“At Bravent we don’t just offer services; we create exceptional technological experiences and we are architects of digital futures,” concludes José Luis Carrascosa Colmenero (founder and CEO).

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