Disruptive automation technologies for Industry 4.0

At Bravent we are committed to improving industrial automation processes to achieve new levels of productivity and innovation that will make Industry 4.0 more sustainable, adaptable, and profitable.


The achievement of these objectives requires the implementation of different technologies in industrial and manufacturing environments, that will make all processes easier and more efficient:


Internet of Things (IoT): allows processing, storing, and exploiting data captured in the plant. In addition, get end-to-end visibility of production with global summary dashboards that allow you to quickly aggregate data across factories.


Cloud-based computing: cloud platforms serve to securely store and analyze all the information collected by the various industrial devices responsible for automating and optimizing industrial processes. This makes the supply chain more efficient and able to offer predictive maintenance.


Artificial Intelligence: with the application of Machine Learning algorithms, the Industrial Visual Solution will allow you to improve safety, validate quality controls, perform predictive maintenance, carry out automatic inspection of assembly lines, etc. Thanks to the automatic analysis of visual images obtained from cameras installed in the plant.


Mixed Reality: using mixed reality devices such as HoloLens 2, which provides a shared vision for remote assistance and training in context, you will increase productivity, optimize direct costs, reduce machine downtime, and improve the preparation and training of your employees.


At Bravent we have been working with these technologies for more than 8 years, so we know exactly how we can help you in the whole process of development, implementation, and learning of these solutions for Industry 4.0.