Discovering the Industrial Metaverse

The Metaverse is here to stay in our society.

Therefore, every day we find a new use for it. It is now the turn of the Industrial Metaverse.

What is the Industrial Metaverse?

Prior to explaining what the Industrial Metaverse is, we will start with explaining what the Metaverse is.

Therefore, we could say that the Metaverse is a set of virtual worlds that allows you to interact with other users.

In other words, the use of this technology allows people to interact with each other without physical boundaries.

In addition, it enables the option of duplicating real physical spaces, giving the opportunity to have real-time knowledge of what is happening in that location.

Therefore, the Metaverse opens up a world of possibilities, not only in the way we interact, but also in business management.

For this reason, the Metaverse plays an essential role in the industrial sector.

So, the industrial metaverse is nothing more than the metaverse focused on the industry.

What is the purpose of the Industrial Metaverse?

As we will discuss later, the Metaverse applied to industry, is much more than just for shortening distances.

It allows, among other things, immersive experiences on a daily basis, giving real visibility of everything that happens on production lines.

What is an avatar?

To fully understand such an abstract concept as the Metaverse may be, we must begin by understanding its components.

Therefore, we must understand an avatar as the virtual identity of the person accessing the Metaverse.

How can I access the Metaverse?

It is also important to know how a person can access the world created in the Metaverse.

To do this, it is necessary to use mixed reality glasses, which allow the user to access the created world and interact in it.

The latest on the market are Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, which makes it easy to move from operational to collaborative tasks quickly, and even perform both at the same time.

Could my business benefit from using the Metaverse?

It is important to know all the possibilities offered by the Metaverse. Therefore, we are going to list the main ones.

To begin with, we could highlight the possibility of duplicating certain spaces.

To do this, it is necessary to use Digital Twins, which clones a physical space to visit it virtually.

Moreover, it allows to know what is happening in the cloned space in real time.

Therefore, it is a very good for manufacturing companies, as they will be able to access different factories.

For that reason, it allows companies to have an exhaustive control of their entire production chain.

In other words, managers, technicians and operators will have access to it, at the same time, without the need to travel.

In this way, decision making is much more agile and coherent.

It also offers the possibility of anticipating the future. It allows the option of creating prototypes of future products before starting to manufacture them.

Therefore, it avoids the creation of new defective products, and makes it possible to eliminate errors before sending them to production.

On the other hand, the Metaverse opens up a range of possibilities in the world of training and the relationship between people.

In other words, a team can receive training or hold a conference with an expert from anywhere in the world.

In addition, they can practice a real situation in the Metaverse, before that situation occurs in the real world.

Also, the Metaverse allows you to create extreme situations before they occur in order to train all the teams to react.

Why is the Metaverse going to revolutionize the industrial sector?

So, from everything we have seen, it seems that the Metaverse is going to change the way we understand work today.

What conclusions can we draw from the use of Metaverse in Industry?

We could comment on countless conclusions, however, let’s list the most important aspects of the use of the Metaverse focused on the industrial sector:

  1. It is here to stay, representing a paradigm shift in the way we understand business.
  2. It brings with it considerable cost savings, since, in addition to limiting the number of trips, with its proper use, it allows anticipating future errors.
  3. It allows prototyping products before their creation.
  4. It promotes a safe, collaborative and immersive work environment.
  5. Therefore, it reduces economic and personal risks.
  6. Improves team decision making, shortening the physical distances between all those involved.
  7. It speeds up learning, saving downtime.

In conclusion, we have created a solution that seeks to improve workspaces, facilitate the development of the same and allow organizations to optimize all their resources, leading them to improve their business results.

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