Bravent revolutionizes tourism with Generative AI at Forward Travel 2023

In a groundbreaking step towards the future of global tourism, Bravent, a leader in creative technological solutions, has unveiled the first video developed using Generative AI at the prestigious Forward_MAD 23 event, organized by the international consulting firm Kleber Group. The video, aimed at promoting Madrid as a high-impact tourist destination, has been 80% developed using Generative AI technology and required 20% human intervention.

The event served as a platform to present this disruptive technology, which promises to transform how we experience and promote remote tourist destinations. The video, developed using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service solution, offers an unprecedented immersion into the charms of Madrid, capturing the essence of the city through advanced algorithms.

During the presentation, Microsoft experts shared their vision regarding the impact of Generative AI in the tourism sector, highlighting its potential to stimulate interest in long-haul destinations and optimize production processes. The implementation of these technologies not only boosts tourist appeal but also provides an innovative way to promote key elements of a destination, such as culture, history, and unique experiences in the case of Madrid.

“The application of Microsoft’s AI technologies has allowed us to explore new frontiers in integrating emerging technologies into the tourism industry,” stated Jose Antonio Lozano, Innovation Sales Lead at Bravent. “This video is just the beginning of a series of initiatives that will transform how people discover and connect with destinations through artificial intelligence.”

The application of Generative AI in creating tourism content represents a significant advancement in technological innovation, offering opportunities to attract new travelers and empower the global tourism economy.

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