Bravent joins the Microsoft Partner Pledge: A Commitment to Sustainable Digital Transformation

Bravent and Microsoft team up to drive sustainable digital transformation

In a world driven by technological innovation and the constant quest for sustainability, Bravent’s adherence to the Microsoft Partner Pledge represents an important step forward in the Spanish business community. With the shared conviction that the future of nations is intrinsically linked to their ability to embrace innovation and sustainability, this partnership promises to redefine Spain’s technological and economic landscape.

From Microsoft, the importance of rethinking the future of Spain’s economy and society through a sustainable digital transformation is emphasized. In this context, the technology sector is positioned as a key driver, not only for economic growth, but also to address the social and environmental challenges facing the country.

The partnership with the Microsoft Partner Pledge invites all Microsoft Partner organizations in Spain to join in a joint journey towards innovation, digital resilience and corporate responsibility. With a focus on designing new digital business models, accelerating digital resilience, promoting inclusion and digital skills training, Bravent is committed to leading the way towards a digitally advanced and sustainable Spain.

Bravent se une al Microsoft Partner Pledge

Microsoft’s partner commitment is built around four fundamental pillars

Digital Skills

Supporting the Spanish economy and society in preparing for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution through training and digital skills development programs.

Diversity and Inclusion

Recognizing the importance of reflecting and supporting diversity in the Spanish technology industry, working to improve inclusion at all levels.

Responsible and Ethical AI

Ensure that artificial intelligence is developed and applied in a responsible and ethical manner, in line with AI for Good and Future Computed principles.


Commit to environmental protection and carbon footprint reduction, promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices.

By joining the Microsoft Partner Pledge, Bravent not only strengthens its commitment to innovation and technological excellence, but also reaffirms its commitment as an essential player in building a more promising, equitable and sustainable future for Spain and the rest of the world.

This alliance represents a significant step towards the consolidation of Spain as a leader in the global digital economy, where technology becomes a catalyst for progress.

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