Bravent Announces Strategic Partnership with World Trade Center Miami to drive innovation and technology in the sector

Miami, January 18, 2024 – Bravent, a leader in cutting-edge technological solutions, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with the World Trade Center Miami (WTCM), a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating international trade and global business connections. This partnership, built on a shared vision to promote innovation and advanced technologies in the business sector, marks a significant milestone in the joint efforts of Bravent and WTCM to drive economic development through collaboration and knowledge exchange

With over 50 years of experience in facilitating international trade in Miami-Dade County, Florida, WTCM has played a crucial role in positioning Miami as a hemispheric hub for global trade. The extensive global network of WTCM, with 318 World Trade Centers in 91 countries, provides Bravent with a unique platform to expand its reach and strengthen ties with key players on the international stage. 

The partnership with WTCM reflects Bravent’s ongoing commitment to innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. By joining forces with a leading entity in global trade promotion, Bravent aims to further enhance its ability to deliver advanced technological solutions worldwide. This strategic collaboration will enable both organizations to leverage their respective knowledge and networks to create unprecedented opportunities in the business and technology sectors. 


Key Objectives of the Partnership: 

 Foster Technological Innovation: Bravent and WTCM are committed to promoting technological innovation as a key driver for business development. The collaboration will facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the technological realm, driving the creation and adoption of advanced solutions. 

 Facilitate Global Connections: Through WTCM’s extensive network, Bravent will have access to a wide range of international business and collaboration opportunities. The partnership aims to strengthen Bravent’s global connections, providing a platform to explore new markets and establish strategic relationships. 

Active Participation in Events and Forums: Bravent is committed to actively participating in WTCM’s prominent events and programs, such as trade fairs, conferences, and forums focused on the diversity of the international business community. This participation will allow Bravent to showcase its expertise in innovative technologies. 

Statements from Bravent CEO, Jose Luis Carrascosa: 


“At Bravent, we believe that collaborating with the World Trade Center Miami represents an exciting chapter in our ongoing pursuit of technological excellence. By joining forces with such a respected and globally connected organization, we are opening new doors for innovation and expansion. This partnership will not only strengthen our ability to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions but also reinforce our commitment to building a technology-driven future for businesses. We are excited about the positive impact this union will have on Bravent, our clients, and the overall business landscape.” 

How to Contact Us: 

 For more information about the partnership between Bravent and the World Trade Center Miami, please contact our public relations team via or visit our website at 

This strategic partnership between Bravent and WTCM represents a step forward in the mission of both organizations to promote innovation and advanced technologies in the business sector. Together, they are poised to make a significant positive impact on the global business landscape.