Microsoft Loop the future of collaboration

“Think, plan and create together” is the motto and innovative proposal that Microsoft brings with their Loop application.

Today’s post will tell you how this application works and why it will be the future of work in 2022.


The way of working has changed and evolved


Microsoft Loop is a productivity application that merges in a single collaborative space different elements such as spreadsheets, presentation applications, among other documents.


The content is deconstructed into modular components that can be shared between applications in a very simple way.


This facilitates the creation of content in a collaborative way, creating better teamwork.


The future of Microsoft 365


Microsoft Loop breaks down rigid barriers between different types of file formats that can be used independently. Blocks of content can also be copied, pasted, and shared with others, offline and online.


Microsoft Loop combines a robust and flexible interface because it has components that can be moved between other Microsoft applications in a synchronized and easy way. The goal of this application is to centralize tasks and improve organization.


Microsoft Loop has three different ways of working

  • Workspaces

It is a way to view documents and insert information within it. This is done in a different way through atomic units of productivity, such as lists, tables, notes. It also allows collaboration and creates opportunities through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Pages

They are flexible canvases that allow you to work with text and text modules. They are also useful for extracting files and helping teams to think and collaborate together. They can be edited in real-time from other applications and from any type of device.

  • Components

It allows you to share files and insert them into different applications. They can be viewed by you and also by other team members to facilitate interaction as you can react to each other’s ideas or follow up on shared objectives.


Teleworking and videoconference meetings


In short, Microsoft Loop is a new dream come true for Microsoft, which continues to bet on innovation to facilitate the way of working after the Covid-19 pandemic.


As a result of the pandemic, teleworking has boomed and it is now essential to adapt to this new reality with technological tools that facilitate productivity. Every day more companies continue to adapt and seek the best digital solutions that allow them to move forward with their business.


Technology and productivity go hand in hand because they simplify the way to carry out tasks. By automating processes, we can achieve greater productivity in work environments.


Currently, in order to use the Loop application, it is required to use Teams in preview mode.

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