Experiment #201

Using Blockchain and IoT during organ transportation

This Experiment researches the possibilities of combining Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain for transportation of volatile goods. IoT allows us to communicate with devices and collect ambient measurements like temperature and humidity from different sensors. The different components involved send and receive data and the Blockchain structure stores, transmits and verifies this data with integrity and in a secure way.

Project Date: May-August 2019

Services: Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Functions and Azure Blockchain Workbench

Technology used: Internet of Things and Blockchain

Collect measurements such as temperature and humidity from different sensors
Idea &

The experiment attempts to simulate the real time monitoring of environmental conditions in the transportation of volatile goods from one point to another, verifying at all times that the obtained values falls within the established security parameters.

First, the MxChip AZ3166 device connects to Microsoft Azure thru Wi-Fi. Then, we can collect all data readings by using Azure IoT Central and Azure IoT Hubs.

After that, the data are sent to Azure Event Hubs and finally, they are sent to the main application.

Also, we set up an Azure Blockchain Workbench application which receives the measurements after passing through Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps and it reports the status to the agents in real time. At this point, the agents can perform some predefined actions and the application registers every step to ensure the safety of it.

Asegurar que el órgano donado esté siempre en perfectas condiciones

For this experiment we chose the case of organ transport for a transplant surgery. To make sure that the donated organ is always in perfect conditions, it is very important to have continuous monitoring of the environment.

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