Healthcare 4.0

What is Healthcare 4.0?

Healthcare systems have evolved rapidly with the introduction of communication and information technologies (ICT) and the digitization movement.

Recently, these systems are undergoing further transformations to digitize health services and introduce intelligence that culminates in what is currently
intelligence culminating in what is now called “Healthcare 4.0″.
Healthcare 4.0”.

XR and Artificial Intelligence solutions allow us to improve processes, automate tasks and optimize workflows, improving the patient experience, achieving healthcare
improving the patient experience, achieving more efficient healthcare processes and saving time and costs thanks to innovation and the incorporation of artificial intelligence.
innovation and the incorporation of technological solutions.

Spatial computing and 3D technology in surgical planning and execution.

Computer-aided surgery with spatial computing and 3D technology

.| Bravent has implemented a mixed reality (MR) solution to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of surgical planning and execution.

.| A 3D preoperative simulation application has been developed that allows clinicians to visualize and manipulate anatomical models accurately and interactively. This facilitates more detailed surgical planning and more effective medical decision-making during surgery.

Innovative application for Apple Vision Pro or Microsoft HoloLens 2.

.| The solution developed by Bravent uses the augmented reality technology of Apple Vision Pro and HoloLens 2 and the 3D object models scanned by the Hospital, allowing to interact with them thanks to an interactive menu and in a complementary way, the models can be rotated and moved interactively with manual gestures, offering intuitive and advanced controls.

.| The application allows to assign parts of the model with specific colors, change their opacity and lock elements in specific positions to ensure an unobtrusive interaction during surgery.

Impact and benefits on the Hospital's surgical practices .|

Ability to explore and plan interventions with an unprecedented level of detail

Significant risk reduction during surgery

Improved postoperative outcomes for patients

Optimization of operating room time

Validation of medical products with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Process automation with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we can automate the review process by management personnel and integrate it within the organizations’ systems, optimizing the process by extracting the information in a much faster and more accurate way.

By incorporating Azure cognitive services from Document Intelligence and complementing it with LLM models such as GPT4-o or GPT4-V we can extract all the information from PDF images, and thus complete it with the existing text within the PDF.

These generative Artificial Intelligence models will allow us to understand the content stored in the documents and to be able to review each product with the existing information.

Integration process and secure cloud solutions

These artificial intelligence-based solutions are integrated within the company’s current systems and all the necessary resources are deployed in the Azure cloud, achieving a secure connection between the application where the documents are located and the deployed services.

Benefits of incorporating innovation in the health sector .|

The incorporation of advanced technological solutions, such as extended reality (XR) and generative Artificial Intelligence, offers multiple benefits for the healthcare sector. These benefits are reflected in several key aspects:

More precise surgical planning and execution

Time optimization and cost reduction

Improved patient experience

Continuous innovation and technological adaptation

Security and reliability in data handling

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