Unlocking the Power of OpenAI in Business

Tuesday, March 8th at 11:00 am (EDT)

The power of AI to improve operations and drive revenue growth

About the webinar:

In this webinar, our CIO Mario Lopez is with Moshe Horesh Managing Director at Xcelerated Consulting Group speaking about Azure Open AI for enterprise organizations we show business leaders and professionals how to use Azure Open AI technology to enhance their operations with software tools they already own and use.


The webinar covers the benefits of AI for visionary companies, the various applications of OpenAI in the corporate world, and best practices for implementing Azure Open AI solutions.


It also includes demonstrations and case studies/use cases to help illustrate the potential impact that Azure Open AI can have on a business. The goal of the webinar is to provide business leaders with the information and resources to leverage the power of AI to improve operations drive revenue growth and provide business intelligence at speed.

Better Decision-Making
Improved Efficiency
Enhanced Customer Experience
Increased Innovation
Moshe Horesh
Managing Director at Xcelerated Group
Mario López
Mario López
VP & CIO at Bravent